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[is collagen in gelatin]Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Hugui: It is recommended to support Zhengzhou to share the citys urban development space Source: Zhengzhou Evening News on March 6th•☆▽, the Henan delegation attended the 13th National Peoples Congress▪○, the Henan delegation group consideration of the Government work report▼▽▪■. In the review, the National Peoples Congress representative, Zhengzhou Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee Party Secretary Hu Xi Sugges■=◁: The State Council and the relevant Ministry of Commission have supported the provision of Zhengzhou City to withdraw the county (city), and further expanded the space of Zhengzhou construction country center city●=▪◁. Zhengzhou development is related to the “Central Rise Strategy”. Hu 0 said•▽◆●, according to the Party Central Committee, the deployment of the State Council, the current Zhengzhou is fully accelerating the construction of the city□▷. According to the plan, Zhengzhous national central city construction should achieve six major functions: First, the international integrated hub★◆◆•; the other is international logisti.

Chen Yu resume Chen Zheng○●, male, Han nationality, born in 1953▽•▪◁, Jiangsu Zhenjiang people, member of the Agricultural Party, April 1970, Participate in the Work, Paris=☆•■, France▷•▽☆, graduate, graduate, Ph.D.▪◆☆▷, Science degree◇●◁▪, Science degree , Professor★▷■, researcher◆□◁▪, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences◁▼☆. At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Secretary of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the President of the Central Committee of the Agricultural Workers, the president of the China Red Cross, the European and American Student Association (China Academy Association). From 1970 to 1975, Xinfeng County◆○, Hengfeng County◇◁, Zhiqing, 1975-1977, Jiangxi Province, Shangrao Region, Health School, School of Medicine-…▼, Jiangxi Province, 1977- 1978-■●, Jiangxi Province, Shangrao Region Health School▪○, Science and Education Teacher…★▪, 1978-1981, Shanghai Second Medici!

China News Agency, Beijing May 28th, China: “Birthday Gifts” for the United Nations is called this name? In the Hall of New York, the United Nations Headquarters, the United Nations Headquarters in the New York, a grand ceremonial artwork for Chinese traditional culture – “Respect□▲” as the exquisite artwork of the prototype is permanently displayed in the appear position. This is China to commemorate the “birthday gift■…” for commemorating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, namely ○△=”Peace”★△-★. “Respect” to take the righteousness of ▷•”respect”, with “Respect”, express Chinas respect and support to the United Nations◁▪-, namely “peace-▪▽”◇●■, Chinas “Shanghe…△•” concept contains it. ▼□”Peace” passes China and the Chinese people to seek peace, seek development, promote cooperation▷•◇, and win-w.

Original title◇▼: This year, the most serious sandstorm is coming to the Beijing PM10 bureau to break the 3000 yesterday▷◇△★, the high-rise building near Zhongguancun is covered with dust. The Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin took Yesterday, Jingshan Park, a man used mobile phone to shoot▪★▪▼, behind the Forbidden City behind the haze dust. On the day•▽•, Beijing sand dust haze weather, PM10 explosion table●◁-◁. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photographed Xinjing News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huazun) began on March 26▲◆…, and the northern region welcomes the most serious dust weather in the north. Yesterday, the Beijing area continued 6-level severe pollution level☆▲△△, and the local PM2.5 hours concentration even more than 3000▲★. The impact area of ​​about 1◇….5 million square kilometers from March 26th to 28th, the fourth dusty weather has emerged this year. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, this dust is du lentil protein industry geletein gelatin bovine means – what is the differencbetween collageand t! bovine gelatin halal osaka hope mills north carolina!