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Gelatin capsule![how much is the united states protein supplement industry worth]Original title▪★◆: 12 cities have set the state-owned rental company Government and enterprises to promote housing lease construction Since the July, the Ministry of Housing and Construction will select 12 cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Hangzhou as the first batch of housing rental pilots, pilot urban places The governments have been formulated and supporting state-owned leasing companies as an important measure to cultivate leasing companies. Wang Mengji, Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, revealed that in the national two sessions, 12 pilot cities have set up 51 state-owned rental companies-▷, and by 2020, they can increase their use to lease housing and total property housing□◇◇. 30% of the amount. Under the vigor of the National Ministries and Local Governments, Ali, Jingdong, and UnionPay have entered the housing rental market▪▲▲●, Vanke, Country Garden, China Merchants Shekou, Longhu, Xuhui and other housing enterpris.

Original title★○▪: This president with China has a half-century “Love◆…” today■•. Source□△: Xinhua News Agency ◁△”Global=◁” magazine shall invite the President Xi Jinping▷◇, the President of Zimbabwe•▼, Emerase Mikaba, to 6th China has conducted state affairs▷▪☆. On November 24, 2017, in the National Stadium of Harare, Zimbabwe, Emerase Monaga (left) attended the oath of the president. Zimbabwe new President Emerson Monashawa is oath in Harrare on the 24th●○. Xinhua News News (Chen Yaqin) Monastea, in November 24, last November 24th, after receiving the “Global” magazine report▲◁★, “Jinzhong two countries…▪•△, my mission is to consolidate and develop two countries. Friendly relationship▽◆=. I believe that the people of the two countri?

China News Service Reporter Question: [Ask Wang Tingcong] What experience is there in the Taiwan District△□…•? What is the advantage of the Dawan District to attract Hong Kong and Macao? [Question Cui Shiping] What experience is Macao to connect the Daban District▽◆□▪? President and Chief Executive Director of Nantova Group△▽□△, Wang Tingcong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Industrial and Commerce: Choosing the Bay Area in Guangdong◆▷★, Macau is very suitable. Here the international vision is very large, and many resources are sufficient. In terms of transportation, the foundation of semicoplasts and air transport is mature○□, and the state has high support for the big bay area▲==▲. I have brought three recommendations in this two sessions: 1○=★. I hope to refine the system of returning to the Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, with the ID card of the mainland, it is convenient to work in Guangdong, entrepreneurship, more convenient•□◆●; 2. Tax issues, 4 tax systems in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao are different•▼. I hope that as simple as the tax system▼◇▷, let investors more convenient; …=•.

Recently, Guo Rui, chief technician, aircraft, aircraft•▷△, aircraft▷•, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft=●◁, aircraft•▼△, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft▷-▼, a reporter▷☆. The Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing, the National Peoples Congress representative★=●…, “Pienteng Yuan” Guo Rui said in the interview with Beijing News●●▷, his most concerned is the topic of high-skilled talents. He suggested that on the basis of the existing National Scientific Progress Award, the scientific and progressive technical awards at the provincial, autonomous region▪▽, municipality directly under the Central Government, mobilized the promotion of the majority of workers and farmers. The high-skilled talent results declaration channel is a narrow New Beijing News-☆: This is the first time to choose the National Peoples Congress representative, I know that I am still surprised after being elected? Guo Rui☆▷…: Surprised, I learned that I have elected the National Peoples Congress at night, the same nigh▼□☆▽?

Original title: Xiao Yafei serves as the Mayor of Dongguan Recently, the 12th meeting of the Subject Committee of the 16th National Peoples Congress of Dongguan City was held. The meeting vote passed the request of Liang Wei and the disregard of the peoples government of the Dongguan City, and the vote from the vice mayor of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government and decided to serve as mayor of the people of Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government◇▼. The meeting was hosted by Pan Xinchao, executive deputy director of the Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee. Zhou Chu Liang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress◆-★, Li Manteang, Chen Xijiang, He Yuepei, Huang Yaocheng, the Secretary-General Zhu Binhua and other Standing Committee consisting of the meeting. Huang Qinghui, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress. According to the relevant provisions of the Peoples Republic of China, the Peoples Congress and the Local Peoples Government of Locals, the conference vote shall be adopted, and the meeting of Liang Wei and the mayor of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Governmen.

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