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[collagen powder with vitamin]Original title▽▷•: The US military claims that the ability to destroy Chinas •▪”artificial island”? Hu Xijin: China is not afraid of threats, the Peoples Liberation Army also has the core ability [Global Network] Director of the United States of Jun, the Marine Corps, in the Marine Team, on May 31, said that the US reporter said that the US military has in the West Pacific Destroying the extensive experience of the island, interpretation of the media as that he declares that the US military has the ability to destroy the “artificial island” created by China. On June 1st, General Hu Xijin commented on Weibo in Weibo, China is not afraid of threat=★■▽, and the Peoples Liberation Army has its own core competence. The following is Hu Xi Jin Weibo full text•…▪: In answering the United States to destroy the “artificial island” in China, “I just want to say that the US military has rich experience in the island in the West Pacific. This is the US military A co.

Original title: Australia△◇: Australias “riding wall” in China••, there is no reference message network on March 5, the Australian East Asia Forum website issued an article on February 26. It is said that for the uncertainty of trying to control ☆◇○▼”the US economic order” In countries, security interests and economic interests are not only one. This article called for abandoning the economic and safety binary opposite thinking■••, advocating regional countries and regional economic cooperation to maintain the global economic order▷▽△★. The article said that after World War II☆■…•, the United States and its ally have created a rule-based global economic order. But this order is facing a threat. Adam Bosen said in an analytical article published in “Diplomatic” Biylocene 3-2 – April, the order is now facing the threat of US President Trump. Trump has abandoned the economies of all over the world according to rul.

Original title△•▷▷: What signals are released for the first time in the new head of the Ministry of Finance=○▼▷? China s Finance and Tax System Reform. On the 25th, Li Kun, Minister of the Ministry of Finance, said in Chinas Development High-level Forum 2018, real estate tax legislation, personal income tax reform, etc■▽=. is steadily advanced. The personal income tax system will be reforming, according to the changes in the consumption level of the residents, improve the basic reduction fee standards reasonably. Increase the deduction of special costs such as child education and medical care. On the day of the forum, he also responded to the problem of the Chinese marketization process in China. Where is the power source from▲☆★? “Liu Kun (China Development High-level Forum for Figure) The following is Liu Kunmi.

Original title▷…=: Shouguang◇☆▲…, a net people spread the “Double King City Reservoir Flood” rumors caused panic•■■, was detained 10th Qilu Net Weifang August 25th reporter was learned by Shouguang Public Security…◆. On August 22…▷△, 2018, the net is called Internet users who ◇▼△☆”stay for love☆-▽■” through WeChat group, the rumors of [Double King City Reservoir to vent]◆▪, causing panic in the downstream people. After investigation, the scattered rumors were in a certain-•…■, male, 35 years old•▼■▲, people in Shouguang Double Wangcheng Ecological Economic Park★▲. At 19 oclock on August 24, it was arrested for a certain△◁. Currently, a certain administrative detained shall be destinued in accordance with the law. Click to enter the topic△◇: Shandong Shouguang has a heavy flood loss, and the official commented: Huo ! gelatin chemical structure industrial whey proteinContacts pig gelatin high bloom industrially produced proteins,