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[collagen peptide fish]Zhongxin Net Xiamen May 27th (Yang Qishan Zhang Xi) Xiamen Ocean Vocational and Technical College and Chinas leading innovation and entrepreneurial platform – Hongxin Entrepreneurship Castle founded the first Flexible Electronics Industry College – Hongxin Industry College, It was officially unveiled on the 27th. Director of Xiamen Education Bureau□▼, Guo Xianwen, President Xiamen Ocean Vocational and Technical College, Chen Changping, Hongxin Entrepreneurship, Chairman, Chairman Li Qiang, etc. At present, the global flexible electronics industry has exploded development▽…☆. Xiamen will latenate flexible electronics as the first top ten industries and propose ◁☆”flexible electronic power-□” goals. Hongxin Industry College signed the ceremony site. Yang Qishan recrui▷◁….

Original title○◇◆: Provincial and provincial national tax sub-tax agencies●•○▷, pay attention to expert analysis, believe that tax collection and management reform will advance tax rule of law construction and reform national tax system tax registration system▷☆, which is a content of the reform of the party and national institutions◆☆▪□. According to the reform plan▼▷○, the provincial and provincial-level national tax limits=★, which are specifically bear on the responsibilities of various taxes◆★▷▷, non-taxation entrances and tubes in the region. After the national tax branch is merged▽☆▪, the State Administration of Taxation is implemented as the main and the provincial (autonomous region, municipality) government double leadership management system. In this year, the “Minister of Tail”, the Secretary for State Administration of Taxation said in an interview with the media: “This is a good program of the migrant profit taxland▪■•, resolutely support, completely agreed.” Reform the national tax spectrial tax registration system What is important, what is the active shadow?

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions☆•◁, Vice-President Wang Zhaoxian□◇○: The new regulations of the staff are improving the Chinese New Beijing News (Reporter Hou Runfang) On the afternoon of March 6○△, Wang Zhaoxian◁▷-◇, Vice President of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, participated in the CPPCCs economic circle discussion and receiving the media interview. Wang Zhaoxian said that the new regulations are being improved, and there is no time to introduce time, but will speed up the pace. Wang Zhaoxin said that the new regulations of the banks are important content of the China CBRC to regulate the financial market, govern the financial chaos, and the current consultation is being perfected. “(New rules) I cant give it, I cant give it to the revision of the revised process, because there are still many different opinions. After the unified rules come out, they will also formulate the details of specific implementation▽-▽. This will speed up.” In addition•▲•△, Wang Zhaoxian also said that the 2018 B.

Original title: Director of the Development and Reform Commission talked about the 18-year China economy, confidently achieved 6.5% growth target text Liberation Daily · View Journalist Chen Heyi Wang Le Le Le 3d National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference at 10 oclock this morning=△, country Zhang Yifeng, the main committee of the Development and Reform Commission□▼■, Zhang Yong◁●■, deputy director▷●, Ningji▼…▽=, who ▽☆●▷”innovation and improved macroeconomic regulation, promoting high quality development”, answering questions about China and foreign reporters◁…. When answering how to look at Chinas economic growth expectation▼●★, He Lifeng said that the Chinese economy has a smooth and sustainable development last year, and the Chinese economy has vitality, potential, and tenacity. The 6.5% growth target proposed by the Government Work Report is to meet the real economic situation in my country, and have confidence to achieve this goal◁☆◇. He Lifeng said, 2017 Chinas econo.Pure collagen!

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