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[protein industry canada]Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Zhang Wei) “My dream is to wear white coat, do research in the laboratory=●.” The 49-year-old Gansu people remember that he learned Chinese medicine during the university○▼☆. , Holding glass drops●•▷, picking up the night battle for more than 20 years, the nature△◇, angelica■◁, Liquid☆•, etc. of the field, angelica, lily, etc., is committed to the research and development and promotion of ecological health products, enhance the peoples immunity, and advocate ○☆▽◁”health care”. Ren Zhongfeng said that since the end of the 1990s, he entered the Pharmaceutical industry in Gansu Qi Zheng Industrial Group Co.-◁•☆, Ltd▷■▼◆. until the general manager of Lanzhou Qi Zheng Ecological Health Products Co., Ltd. has been focused on Chinese medicine new drugs and pharmaceutical engineering technolog□▽▪.

Original title: The representative of Xi Jinlan praise •◇▼”story is good”, also talked about three groups of “segment-•◆”: information age, to abandon the elderly? “Listening to the prime minister, I have a new understanding of the two words of peoples livelihood-△•.” Zhu Guoping, secretary of the National Peoples Congress, Shanghai Changning District Hongshi Residential District Secretary Zhu Guoping, in the afternoon, said, “improvement Peoples livelihood▲▽◆, in addition to the people▪◁, in addition to paying attention to those vigorous reform, you cant ignore the chicken fry skin in the city block. “Zhu Guoping is the representative of the 3rd National Peoples Congress●◇…★. In 2014•▼, when General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the Shanghai delegation, Zhu Guoping once made a statement of public service resource allocation on the grassroots social governance, and innovative social management policies must have stronger effectiveness. At that time, Zhu Guoping■◇▲.

Original title: Exclusive Interpretation Government Work Reports During the New Opportunity of Ventures, the governments work report during the two sessions of the year is undoubtedly ■△▲○”wind direction•○” in Chinas development in the next year. This morning, Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a 2018 government work report, emphasized that it would ■★•”promote the entrepreneurial business, and innovate new levels”. In the report◇=○, ★▲△○”innovation” has appeared 55 times•=◁▲, “Internet” 12 times◆●•-, “Internet +” appears 7 times, “artificial intelligence□◁”=•, “structural reform of agricultural supply”, ◇▽■”sharing economy”, “medical health”☆★▪, ” Internet finance “=•=, etc. also also become a hot word. The report directly hits the birth and pain points◇◁•◇, open a number of preferential policies, and send the opening ceremony for the creation. Looking for China Chuangke (ID△▼: xjbmaker) invited many experts scholars and first lin.

Original title: Carrying Chinese tourist bus in Thailand◁●◇=, in the car accident culture and tourism department, supervising as soon as possible to find out the reason New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) Local time on March 23, a 16 Chinese tourists (including 1 Chinese leader The tourist bus encounters a car accident in Phuket, Thailand☆☆◆, 4 of whom injured=★•. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism attach great importance to the incident, requiring relevant aspects to do good work◆△. After receiving the accident, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism attached great importance to the Minister of Tree, Li Jin-□, the deputy director, solemnly asked the Chinese Tourism Office in Thailand to understand the situation, and fully assist me in Thailand to make a hurt tourist treatment and follow-up disposition. Work. The reporter learned from the Cultural and Tourism▪▼◇△, as of now, the injured tourists have received proper treatment of Thailand local hospitals. Thailand police are coordinating insurance companie.

Original title■○…◁: Fu Hua is served as Guangdong Propaganda Minister◁▷•▽, has launched the highest level of media summit on both sides: Changan Street, the latest news, the economic daily newspaper chief editor, Fu Hua, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Propaganda Minister•△●. Before the Chief Editor of the Economic Daily, Fu Hua has served as the president of Beijing Daily and the Director of the Chinese Commercial News Agency•…, and has a wealth of media work experience, and as a vice chairman of the Chinese Corporation. At the same time▷-▪◆, he has many years of party and government work experience……. In the early years, he has worked in the State Council SAR Office, and the State Council is rescheduled…•○=, and it is adjacent to Beijing, serving as the deputy director of Hshan District○◁◇●, Xicheng District Office; In 2010, Fu Hua was served as deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, as a deputy secretary general of the Beijing Municipal Committee after one and a half. Fu Hua in 2014☆-, Fu Hua is served as the president of Beijing Dai! human gelatin china bulk gelatin powderContacts proteínas en la industria alimentaria pdf alr industries protein,