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[antifreeze proteins in food industry]Original title▽△▽: Party members and cadres online plagiarism of nineteen studies have been severely warned! These “small things☆▼=●” discipline committees are managed geratin pectin citrus gelatin fish oil capsules! A few days ago, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervision Committee issued data show that in February 2018, the national investigation violation of the central eight provisions of the central provision of 2590 people○☆. As of February 28th▪■, the national investigation and punishment of 6,574 in violation of the central provisions of the Central Committee since 2018, deal with 9,231 people. In May◇▲◁, 2017, the national investigation and punishment of 4,855 in violation of the central eight provisions, 7103 people were processed▷◁. Compared with the same period in 2017☆★…, in 2017, it was investigated and violated the number of national provisions of the Central provisions. The number of handles has risen. It reflects that the problem of investigation and punishment is not loose, and the strength is not reduce□◁☆.

Original title-○▼: Operators Minister Yang Xiaotu□=★•: The National Supervision Committee has not agreed is not a minister Yang Xiaotai, Minister Yang Xiaotian●▷▪, Minister Yang Xiaotu, accepts reporters◆★. China Net Yang Jiahot China Network News March 5 (Reporter Shangyang) The 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing today. After the meeting, the second “Minister Channel” was held in the Great Hall of the People. Yang Xiaotai, Minister Yang Xiaotai▷□●◁, said in an interview that the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate and the National Procuratorates anti-corruption system have joined the National Supervision Committee, and the central discipline committee▼★•-, the supervisory committee and the local discipline committee supervision committee have increased by 10%. Chinas website live Yang Xiaodu said that the future of the functions will be expanded, but the terrain type is basically the same as the past party discipline inspection work and the national administrative supervision work. It is not too muc◇=★.

Original title: “Sanbei” protective forest is a haze to help? Expert★◁☆○: fake type ii chicken collagen protein! [Global Times reporter Bai Yunyi] is located in the “three-north” protective forest in the north, often become a “back pot” of the large-scale smog in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. There is a rumor that it has blocked the wind blowing smog◁=▽△. Going to the winter, this spring, Tianjin-Hebi is obviously reduced, ••▷”Three North▷■” protective forests have been felled to ensure Beijing “Blue Sky”. =•◆◇”Three-North” protective Lin really is the harmonious of the northern smog? “The Global Times▽-▪◆” reporter interviewed Zhang Hengde, director of the Environmental Meteorological Center of China Meteorological Bureau, and member of the National Committee of the Chinese Meteorological Association, Zhang Xingwei●▪■, deputy director of the National Committee of China□★◁, and the deputy director of the China Meteorological Bureau Remote Sensing Application Service Center. The picture shows the autumn scenery of Inner Mongolia, the autumn scenery of Inner Mongoli.About Us.