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Gelatin capsule.[enteric-coated hollow capsules]The meeting site Putian Peoples Congress View WeChat Benx Titland Title: Lin Yushu was eliminated by the health reasons for the Director of the Standing Committee of Putian Municipal Peoples Congress on February 27, the ninth meeting of the Seventh National Peoples Congress of Putian City, Fujian Province. The meeting reviewed the “Putian City Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Planning Construction Ordinance (Draft Model)▽★◇”, voted through the Regulations on the Planning and Construction of Kindergarten in Putian City▷•◆, and reported to the Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee to approval; in writing of the provincial 13th National Peoples Congress On the afternoon of the 27th, the meeting held a legal lecture○◇. On the morning of the 27th, the ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipality of the Municipal Peoples Congress vote passed a group of personnel△◇▪. For personal health reasons△◆=◆, the meeting was removed from Lin Yushus Putian Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee, the head of the Urban and Rural Construction Committee. Revi.

China News Service Seoul on May 27 (Reporter Liu Xu) According to the preliminary statistics of Korean New Crown vaccine vaccination, as of 27:00 local time The vaccination has a single highest record since the vaccination. One day, the Korean State Prime Minister Jin Fuqian presided over the Conference of the Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures, issued a plan to support vaccination vaccination to restore their daily lives. According to the plan, the first vaccination can be exempted from the 8 people of the family members of the family, and the outdoor space in the park will not be smashed in the park, which can be used to accumulate facilities or participate in religious activities in Jul★◆●▪!

Original title◇◁: sad recommended daily protein exaggerated by beef industry industrial protein purification 00 gelatin capsules! •-“Wonderland” in the South of Caiyun•◁: Black “Scar”△▪○▷ china pure gelatin! God touched the palette, shouldnt there be a spot? The red land in Dongchuan District, Yunnan, is known as “the palette of the emperor▷▷○▼”. The red land is staggered in a terraced manner to form a natural “palette” landscape. However, the reporter learned that from 2016, the “Toner” has added uncoordinated colors▪☆◁□. Netizens have sigh, this natural “palette” is much spots▽-, I have not arrived yet … Yunnan: The three seven large-scale expansion Dongchuan red land is no longer “red▽▽◆…” Yunnan reporter Zuohang said, When standing in Dongchuan Red Land, when there is a look at the top four, the foot is a black black•▷•, there are many farmland has been covered by black, once because of the fascinating color of the Red Earth Plate▼•▼.

China Foreign Ministry (26th) held a routine reporter meeting. At the meeting••▼◁, there were reporters asked▼-, on the 25th■•□, Yuan Keqin, a professor of the former Hokkaido Education University, was arrested by the Chinese government because of the suspected spy crime■◁=□, Yuan Keqin…△◆, Yuan Chengyu, and his supporters held a press conference. Yuan Chengyao, etc▪◁□.○■□★, I hope that Yuan Keqin can be cleaveed and released soon, and I hope that the two countries can restore security in peace. What is Chinas comment? Zhao Lijian•○-◇, spokesman Zhao Lie, said that Yuan Keqin is Chinese citizen□▼○, but for a long time, in accordance with the requirements of the espionage of the Japanese emotional organ-◆…, Yuan Keqin is required to engage in Chinas spy intelligence activities for the Japanese. Yuan Keqin has been approved by the Chinese National Security Department by the Chinese National Security Department because of the suspected spy crim★•-○.