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Contacts.[grass-fed bovine hide collagen peptides]Source: Guan Zhiyuan title: 20 positive levels, have a new post National -★▪▷”two sessions○▽◁=”, adjustment is open•★. The new National Peoples Congress and the National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference have also dreatible dust, and 20 new director members▽■, and the director began to perform their duties. Domestic people (WeChat ID: BQzhengzhiju) noted that these people have previously had the current national Peoples Congress, the National Political Consultative Conference work experience○-•□, some are the first time to enter the National Peoples Congress or the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, which is about to usher in new work challenge. Interestingly, after the sessat, some people transferred from the National Peoples Congress to the National Committee of the CPPCC…△▪▼, and some from the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference to the National Peoples Congress, and also a communication. The “One Hand◆=△” The three cases of the newly appointed director of some special committee.

China News Network May 27th, “Yingkou released” WeChat public number news=▪△☆, Liaoning Yingkou City●=, Yingkou City, Yingkou City, Yingkou City◆□, Yingkou City□■▲, Yingkou, Liaoning Province, has no new cases▪▲, and there is no new case in 11 consecutive days. The happiness community has no new cases for 12 consecutive days. Other closed management regions have no new cases for 13 consecutive days, and the squid circles have completed the three-wheeled nucleic acid detection. Other counties (city) districts have completed a total of nucleic acid detection○△, result For negative. In view of the overall situation of the current epidemic△•★△, Yingkou City will adjust the risk level in a timely manner according to the prevention and control requirements of new gown pneumonia epidemic□■◇…, and will order the closed management community (village) to release management. [Edit☆▷-: Li J.

(The two sessions were released) Supreme Peoples Court Work Report (Abstract) Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 9th, the Supreme Peoples Court, Zhou Qiang, is the Supreme Peoples Courts Work Report to the 13th National Peoples Congress on the 13th National Peoples Congress•-. Abstract The following five years since the 18th National Congress of the Party, under the strong leadership of the party centers and the core of Xi Jinping, the Supreme Peoples Court adheres to the socialist thinking of Xi Jinpings new era, and fully implement the 18th National Congress of the Party. And the 19th National Spirit, faithfully fulfilled the responsibilities of the constitutional law●▷, and closely around “efforts to feel fairness and justice” in every judicial case▷•▽★, adhere to the judiciary, fair justice••▽, and constantly improve the quality efficiency of trial quality. Team quality and judicial credibility. From 2013 to 2017▷○•, the Supreme Peoples Court accep•=★★.

Original title: US high officials◆…▪◆, Chinas new weapons threat: anti-satellite weapon in recent years, deployment [Global Network Military March 8] Global Times Special Reporter Shi Li Feng] US National Interests, Russian Satellite Network, “India Times” The website of the US intelligence department said that the person in charge of the US intelligence department has set off a new round of China-Russian advanced weapons threats and trend▲-=•, to the United States will explode the Sino-Russian anti-satellite weapon is about to deploy. Russian satellite network reported that the US Senate Armed Forces Committee website recently announced the testimony of Cotz, USA. He said in a Congress query, China and Russia are developing anti-satellite weapons, developing non-desperative and killing space weapons■=, with a purpose in the future potential conflict to reduce the US military and their Allies combat efficiency◁=. At present, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army h.