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[halal high bloom gelatin]Original title: Walking■•△◇, father, Zhu Xu Source: Beijing Peoples Art Theater Beijing Peoples Art Theater, famous performance artist, Beijing Peoples Art Committee Consultant, Diagnosed cadres 20 points in Beijing died○□★, enjoy 88 years old. Zhu Xu◇=, born in Shenyang, Liaoning, 1930▲□. In May 1949=◆, he entered North China University. In the three drama of China◁☆, the three drama department learned the drama and entered the two regiments of Huada Wencong after graduation. From the lightthor to the actor○☆-, it officially opened his play life…••□. In November of the same year=▼●☆, Zhu Xu was transferred to the Central Drama College Drama○◇▽. In June 1952, the Beijing Peoples Art Theater was established. 22-year-old Zhu Xu became an actor of Beijing. This identity is accompanied by him more than 60 year.

Original title▷△: Shaanxi will start Qinling National Fitness Trail Construction It is expected to build Xinhua News Agency Xian March 26 (Reporter Zheng Wei) reporter learned from Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau on the 26th that Shaanxi will officially launch the Qinling National Fitness Turial Construction, It is expected that this national trail is implemented and the whole line is fully implemented■…▪•, providing outdoor sports enthusiasts◇•…•, leisure fitness, tourists, and the masses along the crowd provide safety, environmental protection, intelligent high-standard sports public services. Qinling is an important mountain range in my country. The main body is located in the southern part of Shaanxi Province and the northern part of Sichuan Province. It involves 6 municipalities in Shaanxi Province, 39 counties and counts, curves are about 1500 kilometers long△△◇=, with more than 14 million people along the line■▷-■. Qinling National Fitness Terminal relying on the unique natural resources of Qinling, will build a sports▷▽★•, leisur.

Original title◇★■□: First Chinese Station, Domini Ambassador Zhang Run Society [Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Latin America and the Carbiba official microblogging @ 聚焦 拉 美 消, On August 24th, the first Chinese stationed with Dominica Zhang Run Dominica President Medina submits the country, and the two sides conduct a friendly and friendly. Multi-vice president Sceno, diplomatic minister Bargas, etc. Zhang Mun was a friendly greeting of Xi Jinping Chairman. Mei expressed gratitude▪●-, and asked Zhang Ambassador to convey his cordial greetings and good wishes of the Chairman★•□=. The two sides have actively evaluated the development of the relations between the two countries since June 1 this year, the development of the two countries has agreed that in the future, on the basis of the principle of China, strive to improve the political mutual trust, tap complementary potential, and promote the comprehensive development of many relations. After submitting the country•-△◇, Zha?Contacts.