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[150-250bloom industrial bloom gelatin]Original title◇=-◇: After 24 hours▲…, the White House is in chaos, Trump is working hard☆◁=•! China, cant fall and lightly drinking collagen gelatin bloom strength! (1) ▪○”The White House has just experienced a confusion 24-hour▽■”, “Financial Times” is disclosed. On the first side of the White House National Economic Commission, Gary Cohen, strongly opposes the import of imported steel and aluminum, which will seriously damage the US economy. But the other is Trumps Minister of Commerce Rose, and Navaro, who serves as a presidential trading consultant▼▷-△, has been driving Trump to take tough action△•. There are still many people worried that the United States will play a national security banner to launch trade raids…◁, and actually encourage China to take action with the same excuse•-, and a trade war is unavoidable□△. In the end, Trump patche.

Original title=▼▲-: Domestic unique national aviation engine turbine blade production demonstration line landing Guian New District March 9th The production demonstration line is listed in Guian New District○•◇. This is the only national air engine turbine blade production line in China. According to reports, the first phase of this demonstration production line will start construction in May, and the plant has more than 300 mu, including more than 200 acres, located in the northern park of high-end equipment manufacturing park in Guian New District▼•△=. In June 2019▷=, the first phase production line will be put into production●◇. It is reported that on November 7, 2017, Guian New District and China Airlines signed an investment cooperation agreement, and the plan total investment is about 262 million yua.

Original title: Playing “head geese effect”, forming the political ecology of the wind (I and General Secretary) Picture from top to bottom: Zhang Xuan represents Liu Jiaqi, representative▽▪, Zhu Mingyue▷▪•, represents Ma Shanxiang•◇▼, represents Hanshui, Wushan Yunyu•□. General Secretary Xi Jinping passed the news that the Chongqing delegation attended the consideration on March 10, spread spread throughout the earth. From the conference to the Dashan City, the mountains▷=, large reservoirs, all in the hot discussion. On the occasion of the intensive, it is necessary to calm and calm and revisit the far-reaching meaning of political ecology. Xi Jinping emphasized that the political ecology of the wind and purification is the banner of political politics, resolutely safeguard the political requirements of the partys central authority and centralized leadership▽▷-. It is the urgent need of perseverance, and promotes the urgent need of strict treatment of the party to perspective. It is forging excellent party-style…-, political style, ensuring the goal of reform and developme.

Original title●●◇: Another big action! China R & D “Super High Speed ​​Rail▽◇”, theoretical speed can reach 1000 kilometers collagen pack industrial whey protein review! The “super ring high-speed rail▲●=” advocated by technology madman has been recognized in the United States=☆□◆. It is conducting a feasibility plan••. The ultra-ring high-speed rail uses low vacuum pipelines and magnetic suspension techniques, and the speed will approach the aircrafts 1000 km speed. This high-speed rail can not only build a surface, but also excavation of underground tunnels. In China, this experiment is also in progress. ▼▼☆■”Economic Half-hour” reporter in a laboratory in Chengdu, I saw Chinese scientists working hard-▪. China publishes high-temperature superconductive suspension technology Chengdu Southwest Jiaotong University, the worlds first vacuum pipeline super high-speed maglev train ring experiment line platform is the first manned high temperature superconducting magnetic suspension ring experiment line▷▲●◇. Total li▼▷▼.Pure collagen.