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[proteins in the food industry]Original title: Taihai Li Tengguan and make a hay! I have wanted to take the whole worlds health for Abe, I will change the face. Li Teng, who is 96 years old this year▲=△…, is still happy to have a “Japanese motherland” effectiveness. He can let him be ignorant on the Japanese nuclear disaster food. ▲ Ke Wenzhe Faihui Li Tenghui••◇. (Taiwan Mid-time Electronic News) Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe is a support for votes, and the 9th will pay for Li Tenghui◆▽. According to Taiwans middle electronic newspaper report, Li Dongfang encouraged Ke “more on the staple floor”▽▲○▽, and couldnt help but batch Cai Yingwen. No act, dissatisfaction with Cais polish. During the talks, Li Li was unable to carry out the operation of Japanese agricultural products, saying that he suggested a lot of thing…■.

Original title: Tibet delegation continued to review the governments work report, Zhao Kezi, Lausan Village, Qi Zara, etc…◁-., this morning••▪-, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting to continue to deliberate the governments work. As a representative of the National Peoples Congress selected by Tibet, the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Public Security, Zhao Kezhi, and the entire representative of the Tibet delegation considered the governments work report and spoke◁-▲◇. Director of Tibet delegation, Wu Yingjie•◆☆, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, presided over the meeting★●▲, the National Peoples Congress, member of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, the deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Committee, Bai Madlin, the National Peoples Congress■•●★, the Director of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress, Laosan River Village For the National Peoples Congress▼•, President of the Autonomous Region attended the meeting, and the relevant departments were responsible for comments to listen◁▽▷★. Review, Lausannei Village, ?

Original title•△: ◁△-▼”Core●=” Acid, a domestic chip faucet 18 years catching: •▷◇☆”China Core” rises so difficult? The US Department of Commerces “ban” for ZTE communications has made ZTE face unprecedented crises. However, this is definitely not a dilemma that ZTE needs to face, this is a national core battle. Because the US “ban” shock is the entire Chinese manufacturing industry. At the ZTE crisis, all kinds of sounds have emerged◁□•, with criticism●△, condemnation, and have a deep reflection on the Chinese manufacturing industry◁…■, as well as a call for Chinas manufacturing industry. This article will develop samples with the development of domestic chip manufacturing giant core international (00981, hk) into research samples◆□, trying to restore the rise of domestic chips◁▲☆. SMIC is established in 2000, claims to be the most comprehensive and supporting of mainland technolog●◆▽?

Original title•☆▼: Guidelines and local taxes, China 535 new tax bureaus, concentrated unified listing China, China The State Administration of Taxation Dezhou, Nanchang City, Erdos City, Xian City, Chongqing Qijiang New District, Tongliao City, Changsha City▽▷○■, Ali Regional Taxation Bureau, etc•□….=▼★□, the 535th-level New Taxation Bureau concentrated on the listing and fulfilling their duties. Previously▽◇…, Chinas provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Centralherishing Market) and planned a single list of national tax bureaus, and the Local Taxation Bureau had been combined on June 15 and unified listing. Data Map: On June 15…=◇, the newly established State Taxation Bureau Beijing Taxation Bureau officially listed. China News News Reporter Jia Tianyong photo Wang Jun△☆, director of the State Administration of Taxation, went to Shandong Province to carry out national taxation tax registration system refo☆□▼▼.

Xinhua News Agency•★, Beijing on July 6, Chinas economy triggered global focus – positive value in the upper and second half of 2018, some demand indicators have fluctuated, and the external environment uncertainty has increased▼•▼△, whether the first half is stable live●◆●☆? Can the second half have progress? Not afraid of floating clouds□★-▽. Observing the overall economy should see the overall situation, accurately viewing the “shape” of short-term data to rise, accurately grasp the long-term “potential”, and can observe the shape◁▽, and call the cloud◆□. The wind is long-eyed■•◆•. Observing the big economy must distinguish the great potential, recognize the fundamental surface of Chinas economic toughness, the potential, and the foot, which can be clear and firm. How to see – the transformation is good•◁•▼, the development quality is steadily improved, and the effective should be challenged. Chinas economic operation is still in progress◇◆, despite the last half of the data has not y plant protein industry continue china kosher gelatine Pure collagen. pharma grade peptides review jellatin!