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[gelitan]Original title: The authority of Tiangong No. 1 ▪◁○”re-enter••” is coming○△! With the approach of returning atmospheric, Chinas first manned space test platform – Tiangong No.1 once again attracted the attention of public and aerospace enthusiasts. What is the current direction of Tiangong No.1 current▲=△◇? When will it enter the atmosphere□▪★▪? Is its re-entering process like a certain risk like some media concerns? What dealing with Chinas related institutions did? China Manned Space Engineering Office has recently released the state of Tiangong No. 1 orbit▽▪□, from which we can find some questions. Tiangong No.1 and Shenzhou-8 spacecraft rendezvous, the simulation fuel will not cause the harm of Chinas Manned Space Engineering Office issued a message, March 29, Tiangong No•▲. 1 is running in an average height 1.

Original title: Drip restoration late night travel first night●▼…•: novice driver being brushed, safety knowledge assessment was spit According to China Voice ■▲•○”News” report: Drip travel from last night (15th), restored late night travel service, At the same time, it will trial late night operation rules◁○. After a week of safety and rectification▽★□, the drip introduced a series of operational rules in night travel, can it effectively protect the safety of the driver passenger•☆□•? First, the landing implementation of late night operation rules is first. Last night, China Vocal Voice reporters experienced four trips in Beijing, including two expressions, and two gift oranges, discovered new late night travel service rules…□▼, still played a certain effect, Deaching late night is more secure. But at the same time▷▪, the reporter also found some other issue▪▽△. According to Reuters▼◆▪★, the local time is on the 27th, the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority President Rabiel will block the “long gift” round block incident, and blame the captain of the trunk=■▪. He said that the captain can choose not to enter the waterway in bad weather. According to reports=□○, Rabie said that the captain knows the ability of the ship. He can tell the manager in advance. “I dont want to go□■□, I think the weather is not suitable.” Data Map★■: Relieving the heavy cargo ship “Long Gift” in the Suez Canal. Rabie is also known that the hourly speed is about 25 kilometers before the strand, far exceeds 8 to 9 km speed regulations specified in the southern channel of the canal. In additi. jelly gelatin mix collagen type ii from chick Pure collagen.

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