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[pectin buy]Original title: Russian media said that Chinas sharing economy leads the world will maintain an average annual average of 40% high-speed growth September 20, 2017▷▲△□. China shared bicycle company Moyou officially entered Washington◁▪●, which is in Tour Mobai bicycle. Xinhua News Agency, Yinbagu Reference Message Network reported that Russian media said, recently○◇, and the sharing of economies developed rapidly in China-◁▼. The word ☆-•…”shared economy” is several translations in Russian: collaborative consumer economy, share economy, cooperative participation economy●=. The concept of collaborative consumption is the first proposed book in ▷▽…”I am your: the rise of myself”. In 2010, the US “Times” weekly will be known as one of the top ten creativity of the world. Russ=○▷▷?

Original title▲□-: Changsheng creature nearly 2 years rabies vaccine batch signage statistics wrongly added 460,000 people New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Lin Zi) On July 22, Changsheng Biological Publishing to Shenzhen, 2017 The reply of the inquiry letter is the announcement▷…△, because the staff is negligent, nearly three years of the number of goods batch issues in the number of freeze-owned rabies vaccine 2016, 2017 batch signage statistics. In 2016…◇, the quantity of frozen and rabies vaccine was originally 175,5210 people•…■◆, and it was amended to 2072■▼▲…,719 people; the 2017 frozen man used rabies vaccine batch of 3△▪,545,716 people, and the revision was 369□◁…,0750. According to the calculation●-▷, the long biological freezer uses rabies vaccine for two year▲▲○▲.

[Expert] Sino-US economic and trade friction upgrade is the result of long-term contradictions and broke out] Source: China Voice China Academy of Social Sciences International Trade Director Dongyan: From a long time, China-US economic and trade relations have a certain adjustment and Friction is an inevitability, then from the short term, this point in time is the result of long-term contradiction. From the perspective of the second round of the United States, at least through the announcement of the United States, his momentum is very strong. It turned out to be hidden behind, then this report will also cause a strong reaction to China▲★. Related news China-US trade friction intensifies Chinas 128 imported goods in the United States (with the list) US “great” directly refers to Chinas field this fear and interpretati! blue gelatin capsules sheep gelatinGelatin capsule.

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