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Pure collagen![industrial protein yield]Original title: You care about real estate tax, the latest situation is here collagen fish peptide! Now▪◇, news about real estate tax legislation has become a hot discussion. Many industry insiders suggest that accelerate system construction, “opening” legislation, promote real estate tax implementation▲▷, and concentrate on social consensus★■□-. The legislative work entered the “Expressway” this years government work report proposes▽=☆■, to “improve the local tax system, steadily promote the real estate tax legislation▷…■.◇●” Shi Yao Bin★•□, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, said that the overall idea of ​​my countrys real estate tax is △-△▲”legislation first =-, Fully authorized, step-by-step advancement▷◆. At present▲▷•★, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Budget Working Committee, the Ministry of Finance◇▲▷○, and other relevant aspects are drafting and improving the draft real estate tax law. Shi Yaobin said that real estate taxes are used as a worl.

[General Administration of Customs: Prevent harmful organisms, strengthen the import of imported US Apple, Write Wood Inspection] Customs No. 7 news, strengthen the on-site inspection of imported US Apple•○★, log, once found suspected disease symptoms, pine nematode harm or The living pests should be sampled in the laboratory to test identification□…-▪. During laboratory test★○●☆, the relevant goods associated with it must not be released. If necessary◁■, preventive measures can be taken to prevent harmful organisms. Once confirmed as quarantine, harmful organisms▷★, and severe cases, as temporary emergency measures, refund or destruction measures should be taken according to law□=▽, and relevant information reports will be reported in time The General Administration. Editor in charge: Huo .

China Xinwang Beijing May 27 (Reporter Yu Li) is against the ▼□●▲”smiling gas◇•★◇” trail abused seedlings◁◁, Beijing police continued to strengthen the source governance, and strictly investigate the illegal operation of illegal crimes. The Beijing police reported on the 27th that the recent police arrested two suspects=■•, and the “smiling gas” was found. ▷◇▪”Smile•◇▷…” is known nitric oxide=◁-, a colorless and sweet oxidant. In daily life, “smiling gas•■△▷” as food processing agents can be used to make foods such as silk flowers on the cake○◆★◆, and are widely used as a narcotic in the medical field▷••▲. In recent years△▪▲…, some lawless elements have begun selling “smiling gas” as a substitute for drugs for suction●◁=. It is understood that sucking “smiling ga?

Original title: Let the Chinese high-speed rail lead the worlds high son, big face, talk about womens delicate and atmosphere – her name is Liang Jianying (the picture above, the information) General engineer. As the only female engineer in my countrys high-speed rail equipment industry▽…-■, she hosted the CRH380A developed•◆◁, creating the highest speed of the world railway operation test of 486.1 kilometers speed●▷★○. From the “Harmony” of the speed of 200 kilometers, the ★▽☆▪”revival number” in the speed of 350 kilometers will come to the leader△○▷, and she leads the team to create a bright country business card. You must make yourself a giant to Chinas high-speed EMU. It is a way to introduce digestion and then innovate. “The product can be bought, but the ability of technological innovation cant buy. Origin.

Original title: Heavy pound gelatin appetite suppressant geleatin gelatin powder vegean! Vice Premier of the State Council▽•●▷, State Council, Minister of Council•○=□, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, held the seventh plenary meeting. There are two agenda today. The first agenda is to determine the deputy prime minister of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China, a State Council■◆★, Minister of Council, director of the committees◇▷•, the selection of the Peoples Bank of China, and the Secretary-General△●▽. The results are as follows□◆: Deputy Prime Minister, State Council, Sun Chunlan (female), Hu Chunhua, Liu He State Committee Wei Fenghe, Wang Yong■△◁…, Wang Yi, Xiao Jie, Zhao Kezhi Secretary Secretary Xiao Jie, Director Wang Yi (partial) is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister Wei Fenghe (and) for the Minister of Defense He Lifeng is the main development and reform committ.