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[stabilization of industrial proteins]Original title: Ni Jingjing▪▷•▲, CPPCC▷▪==: Incorporate the elderly education into the basic public education. Ni Jianjing Committee□•▷: Incorporation of the elderly education into basic public education△★◆…. At present, my country has entered the aging society▪-, the elderly, the demand for the elderly-◁○…, and medical needs have triggered social attention, but The demand for strong education is not given enough attention◁▲○▽. Ni Yajing▲▪, deputy director of the National Committee of China and Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission◇▷=□, said that his proposal this year is that the government has increased its investment and practical implementation of the old-age education development plan previously promulgated. It is understood that my countrys 60-year-old population is more than 220 million▷▲■, it is expected that the senior population will reach 243 million in the elderly in 2020, and the growth rate is 1.5 times faster than other countries. my countrys old-age education has experienced more than 30 years of development•▲◇◆, currently at all leve.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Mei Changwei) The Ministry of Defense held a routine reporter meeting on the 27th○◆△▪, the Department of Defense News spokesperson Tan Kefei answers questions about China and foreign journalists on earthquake relief, US Taiwan weapons. The mission officers and soldiers struggled to fight against earthquake relief. On the evening of May 21 and 22 in the morning, Yunnan Dali Prefecture, Yunhai■●, Daluo, Mado County, Mado County◆▪, took success, 7.4 earthquake. Tan Kefei introduced that after the disaster occurred, the Central Military Commission joint operation command center and the relevant aater, the force launched the emergency response mechanism☆★, emergency investment to carry out rescue and disaster relief☆▽▷…, and designated the preparation of the projections of the near-troops to preform. At present◇▲■, disaster relief work is in powerful developmen.

Original title: The Ministry of Environment launches “Clear Waste Action 2018″ 150 inspection teams to the Yangtze River Economic Belt, each reporter Li Wei, the editorial Chen Xing, for many solid waste in Guangxi, Henan, Anhui and other places▲•-●, The illegal metastasis of hazardous waste, the Ecological Environment Department officially launched special actions against solid waste environment illegal behavior▲☆◆-. On May 9th□▼▼●, the Ministry of Environment said that in order to resolutely curb the illegal metastasis of solid waste, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the Yangtze River Ecological environment and the Ecological Environment Department launched the ■▽☆△”Special Action of the Environmental Waste Environment■☆★”. ” This special action starts from May 9 to the end of June. The Ecological Environment Department consists of 150 groups from the national exhausted law enforcement backbone, and the solid waste belt solid waste in the Yangtze River economy is dumpe! collagen used in product from candy to cosmetic capsule size 000 capacityGelatin capsule keratin collagen wholesale 250 bloom gelatin,