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[gelatine halal food grade]Original title: Yang Cai Review 丨 10 -○●-“China Economic Semi-Year News” 5: Looking at the economic data of the first half of the year recently released, the structure optimization upgrade of the first half of the year is a highlight: from the industrial composition●▲, in the first half of the year The added value of the first industry△○■, the secondary industry and the tertiary industry accounts for 5★●▪.3%, 40◇▪.4% and 54◇=▲.3%□☆○○, respectively△★▪◇, compared with the same period of the previous year, down 0.5 percentage points☆▪◇, secondary industry and third Industry specific weight increased by 0.2 and 0.3 percentage points respectively☆▲▪▼. In the first half of the year▲☆●, the growth rate of manufacturing investment and private investment rebounded, an increase of 6.8%, 8.4%, an increase of 1▪□.3 and 1.2 percentage points from the same period last year, and the investment of high-tech manufacturing increased by 13.1%, which was greatly faster than the growth of all investment. July .

Original title: Sichuans new regulations Guided to the tourism toilet=◇▽•: male and womens toilet proportion is no more than 2▲▷-: 3 Hailuogou Scenic toilet internal facilities. The Xinhua News Agency has issued a pragmatic move to enhance the quality of tourism. The toilet revolution has gradually extended from the scenic spot to the country, from the city to the rural area, from the number of quality, from the closed management to open management, become a tourism basic project, civilized project , Peoples livelihood projects are generally welcomed by the majority of tourists and the masses. Although the results are quite abundant, there is still a gap between the toilet quality, management services, technology applications, such as toilet civilization compared to rapidly growing tourism development and peoples needs. In order to further enhance the level of service service△▲=○, the Sichuan Tribute Training Committee announced the “Specifications for the Construction Management Service of Tourism Scenic Area in Sichuan Province▪…-◆” (“Specification”•△=◆, from the policy level to new constructi□•.

Original title: The Peoples Patriot Type of the Peoples Patriot Type 3 Type to the East [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Taiwan ●☆…○”Dongssen News” reported on July 22, in order to respond to the liberation army army○◁–, the Taiwan military 2017 is Ordered the patriot air defense missile deployed from the western way to Hualien, Taitung and other places; on the 14th, the Air Force Taitong Zhihang Base was held at the opening of the camps…▷■, and also specially showed the patriot missile launcher. Patriotic air defense missile positions in the aerial base=-▽. According to reports, the Taiwan military related personnel revealed that the patriotic missiles in Taitungzhang Base are currently connected to the Patriots 3 type and the original patriot 2 performance to the Patriot 3 type 2 missile hybrid deployment, its defense The direction is in the vast sea of ​​the East Coast, deployed in a fan-like manner▷◁-▷. According to reports△•■▼, the Peoples Liberation Ar.Gelatin wholesale.