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[protein industries canada botaneco]Original title: 2017 “Government Work Report” Quantitative Indicators Task Implementation Table Analysis: Reform Attacks Difficult Skull (Figure) Economic Daily – China Economic Net Editor Press-=: Domestic GDP increased by 6.9% year-on-year, resident consumption price is higher than the previous year Up to 1■-■◇.6%, urban new employment is 13.51 million ★□◁.◇●•.. In 2017▷☆-▽, my countrys economy, peoples livelihood, and social and other fields have completed the “Government Work Report” quantitative indicators. The national economy moves towards high quality☆▲◁. The peoples feelings are getting more and more Strong! Editor in charge: Liu Guang▷◇.

Original title…–•: Speed ​​speed, upgrade digital Chinas low-cost network surfing, and speeding up the confidence of comprehensive development, mobile network construction or will become Chinas •▲…”digital engine•●=★” two sessions, government work report to send “-•” The big gift package, one is to cancel traffic roaming charges■●☆=, and the mobile network traffic tariff reduces at least 30% year. This commitment will win a piece outside. In this day, when I announced that “all the mobile phone is canceled during the year-▽=◇”=○▪, they also triggered a hot discussion and harvest. One year passed◇▲=, from mobile communication to mobile network, roaming charges will become history. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said the first time, striving to make the majority of users to enjoy the benefits early; the three telecom operators have also responded, go all out◆▷, and we will hurry. The real initiative to speed up the price will gi.

Original title•■▼: successfully fighting the typhoon “Ama”◆◁☆▷, the =•-■”Normal Unit” of the Magic Surface△◇◆▷: Shanghai Release WeChat Gaozun Typhoon •-“Than] is directly launched in Shanghai in 1949, the last time I also log in and trace it back-◁. By 29 years ago○○. This time▽■▪, it can be said that Black Cloud is compressed. However☆○…, many citizens have found that the magic is very standing in the whistling of “Andr”▪■▼, the poured trees are transported, and the road water is accumulated, and the city runs rapidly. Does the devil really have “junction”? The truth, just in the photo below ▼★… Lu Zheng Chongming has trees★•, and the road works urgently rescued▼△. Road maintenance workers inspect the reinforcement of elevated soundproof screen•▼◆■, anti-fall net, pump machine operation. Public security Chongming wind is large▷▽◇, there is branches on the road to be scraped▲★, and civilian poli pork skin gelatin avalon crystalpure 100 japanese fish collagen peptide▼■○!Pure collagen fish collagen peptide powder benefits protein industries canada ceo,