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[is gelatin the same as collagen]Original title: How to increase accurate poverty alleviation? Li Keqiang said 8 sentence economic daily – China Economic Net Editor Press: March 5, 2018▽▷, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened at the Beijing Great Hall of Great Hall, Prime Minister Li Keqiang as a government work report. In the recommendations of the 2018 government work, Li Keqiang clearly proposed ▲■”increasing accurate poverty reduction”, and used 8 sentences to specifically explain▷▲•…, involving eight key to the precision of poverty•●▷. Economic Daily · China Economic Net Takes you■★. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang .

Original title: Red Star Exclusive National Peoples Congress Press spokesperson Zhang Yifeng: Constitution revised, real estate tax◆●, these issues have prepared Source▷•★: Red Star News On 11 am, the 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting Press Conference in the Peoples General Assembly Zhang Ying◇…▼▪, the eighth meeting of the eight conference, Zhang Ying▷◇, was first debuted. For the performance of his first press conference, Zhang Yucai laughed and told Hongxing News=…: “Cant continue to work hard in the future▽….…△■” Zhang Yifeng went deep into the diplomatic field, currently the party secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the deputy director of China. The representative of the United Nations, the 9th Chinas Ambassador to US, is a veritable diplomatic old man. ▲ On March 4th◇◁•, a meeting in the 13th National Peoples Congress held a news in the Peoples General Hall Press Release Offi!

Original title: fine thinking collagen peptides wholesale plasma protein industry summit Contacts.! This 8 is involved in the military rumors and is extremely sinister. In 2018, I have just been in the past four months, at least 8 people have happened. In order to enlighten the eye△▽◁, some people will obtain concern, to make interests, and their behavior is extremely bad genetically engineered proteins for industry what does bovine collagen peptides do! Wen Wave Sand 1 rumors 1: The troops rose the wage in March [rumors] Since 2018★□●○, many military public numbers have released an article in March forces, for ■◆•◆”how much rising, how to rise, when to rise “All talked▽●” there is a nose is eye-catching “, some military military art is more happy to forward. [Truth] Today, in March, the authority department has not releas.

Original title Wal-Mart officially apologize▷•-: Commodity signage is listed as ▷=”national” department “National◁★▽▷” departments business negligence [Global Network] Some foreign brands, including Marriott, etc. After these brands realized the mistakes and apologized and corrected, there was a company to try again to test the bottom line of the Chinese. On the afternoon of March 16, the netizen @ 公益 star broke the news, saying that in Beijing Wal-Machang Pingdongguan, there is a product being labeled “National Taiwan Taiwan”. Wal-Mart China official microblogging on the 16th=□…, at 23:30, the apology statement, the event caused -◁▼○”Local shop Individual staff work negligence, listing individual commodity signs as national”, Wal-Mart has immediately defended the store immediately correct the wrong mistake And reiterate o.

Original title: Lipper◆●: Apologize to the fans, China Football, China Focus, Nanning•▷, March 26 (Reporter Wei Wei-◇▲, Lu Yuting) China Team on the 26th Chinese Cup 3, 4 games 1: 4 Lons to Czech Republic, The cup was completed with the three-day full of 1 goal throwing 10 balls▲◆. The Chinese teams head coach Lipper apologized for the teams poor performance, and in the face of Chinese football◁●○. At the time of the news conference on the day of the day□○, the leather speech●◁★□. He not only summarizes the Chinese Cup and his coaching experience in more than a year◇▷, but also discloses the future plan◁●…. The release will apologize to the fans at first, “Ive lost 10 goals, which is the truth. The two games real reflect the gap between Chinese football and European football.” Lipper adde.