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Gelatin wholesale,[hydrolyzed collagen powder]China Xinwang Yinchuan May 27 (Reporter Yang Di) reporter learned from the Ningxia Civil Affairs Department on the 27th that in order to help the elderly to improve the conditions of living, improve the quality of home pension, the Ningxia Civil Affairs Department and other seven departments□★▷, clearly◁◆▷▲, clear ” During the 14th Five-Year Plan period□•▪=, Ningxia will adopt a government subsidy and other ways to incorporate the age◁▼, disability, and disabled elderly families in the scope of dismissal. The renovation of home adventures refers to the more secure◁○, functional, comfortable◁▽, and more in line with the elderly. The reporter learned that this difficult elderly, the old-age development project has recommended 13 basic classes and 17 optional transformatio.

Original title●=▪◆: The latest★☆ wholesale collagen powder! The Chinese diver found a feet of the disappearing of Phuket ships protein industry sales bovine hide collagen peptides vs hydrolyzed collagen protein engineering in food industry! Survivors tell a minute of life and death … The latest news According to overseas network news, the Thai governments Liaison Office issued the latest news at 17:00 on July 7, the Phuket cruise incident has caused 41 people to die○△▷☆, there are 15 people missing. Survivors told that the reporter arrived in Thailand at 8 oclock on the evening of July 6th, and I saw Huang Xiaofeng from Haining in Phuket Administration Hospital. He is the employee of Haining Haipai Furniture Co.…◇, Ltd., he said that the day when you go out cloudy day. Haining rescued tourists Huang Xiaofeng◆▷◆□: The morning is cloudy, it seems that it is not raining▲★, when we come back, before the weather, the weather is good, 4 oclock, the weather will change. The sea is suddenly windy▪=▷•, the cruise ship is on the s.

Original title: Jilin Songyuan 5▷◇.7 earthquake: military division▷■, human wear▲○, has gathered officers and men Xinhua News Agency, May 28 (Reporter Guo Xiang) China Earthquake Network officially determined, starting at 1:50 on 28th, Songyuan▪=, Jijiang, Jilin A 5.7-magnitude earthquake occurred in the district, with a depth of the source of 13 kilometers, and the earthquake is located 45.27 degrees north latitude▲★▽, and the east is 124.71 degrees. According to the Chinese militia WeChat public account, after the earthquake◇•, the Songyuan Military Division and the Ningjiang District Human Wan Department have launched an emergency plan••, the military division and the human wear department have assembled officers and men. Songyuan Military Division Valley Assistant Duty Valley Index, there is currently no casualty report. Further news is still in continuous follow-up…=. Source: Chinese militia clicks into the topic: 5 of Ningjiang District, Jilin Songyuan Cit.

Yangzi Evening News, March 4, before the Spring Festival, Beijing City canceled a paper ruled that many blood diseases and hospitals were in an anxiety who was looking for blood during the Spring Festival. Wu Depei▲◇, member of the National Committee of China, the Department of Blood Division, the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University▷◁-, is closely concerned about this incident, and he suggested this two sessions: establish a national blood source distribution library to deal with blood source gap. Ischemic 尴尬 Cancel “mutual aid blood donation” Beijing existence of blood source gap “Beijing has stopped mutual blood donation, which caused a lot of repercussions in patients and doctors. According to the survey△•◇…, Beijing Some major hospitals The proportion of platelet mutual blood donation is as high as 80%. After the broken is●◁○☆, the Spring Festival is coincided with a large number of people return home◆▪, and the hospital has a fault. “Director Wu Depei told Yangz?