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[chicken sternum collagen type ii]China News Agency, Hong Kong, May 27 (Reporter Han Xing Tong) Hong Kong SAR Government Security Bureau Director Li Jiachao met with the media in the 27th, it was emphasized that the invasion of the media, the founder▼○●, the asset◁…, is suspected of harming the national security crimes related assets=◁•, and Normal business behavior has nothing to do■□○★. There is media report, Li Jiachao issued a signature letter from HSBC and Citibank, requiring banks to do any trading on Leisyings account and name property, including sale, transfer, used as mortgage or transfer to Hong Kong▪▽, or will Faced with a maximum of 7 years of imprisonment and fine•□. According to the announcement issued on the 14th of the Security Bureau, the National Security of the Hong Kong Police Affairs Office prosecute Li Zhiying on December 11 last yea◇•?

Original title: Minister of Education, Chen Baosheng, talks about traditional culture into the campus to do 3 things. Recently○■▲▪, the Ministry of Education said that the Ministry of Education received CCTV reporters in an interview with CCTV reporters in recent years, the Ministry of Education has also vigorously develops Chinese excellent traditional culture. Excellent traditional culture into the campus as a solid project and the soul project◁▽=. First□◇, the teachers cultivation is critical▼★▲▲. To make the teachers of each school segment like excellent traditional culture•◇, they can have this kind of cultivation▪■★, and they can •●▲”all the mountains•◆.” Second, the new primary and secondary school textbooks have added excellent traditional cultural content★○, especially the proportion of classic names. At present▽□▲, the proportion of excellent ancient poetry in primary and secondary school materials has been improved=△, this is necessary. Poetry Lang Lang, there is a rhythm▼◁★, read can adjust the body△◁, and adjust the mood, the children will like it. The textbook must be bui●•★.

Original title☆▽★□: Jiangsu Grand Theater: “Because of the technical reasons” Germany “Peoples Enemy▽◇” began to apply for the new Beijing News News (Reporter Liu Yuntian 偲偲) Germany Shao Bonna Theater “Peoples Enemy” original September 13th△●-★, 14th Jiangsu Grand Theater is staged, but from yesterday, the reporter landed on the official website of Jiangsu Grand Theater, the play ticket continued to display “There is no existence”, and the other repertoire tickets are displayed normally, and the audience suspect whether the play will be canceled. The Beijing News reporter called the Jiangsu Grand Theater Customer Service and Ticket Center to ask this matter, and the other party expressed the 13-day performance currently notified the ticketing audience to refund, and the 14-day ticketing work or will notify a batch. When you ask and perform cancellation▽▪▽△, the ticket center means “due to stage technical reasons”. Editor in charge◁☆•: Huo .Gelatin wholesale industrial applications of protein engineering type ii chicken collagen,