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About Us.[ambar protein industries ltd bse]Original title: 2017 China copyright ten major events release artificial intelligent creation copyright issues Entrance Selection New Beijing News News (Reporter Ni Wei) The reporter learned from the National Copyright Bureau today, recently◁▽, the bureau selected 2017 China copyright ten major events▲○▷. In addition to the focus of my countrys copyright field, the new issues of copyright brought by artificial intelligence have also been selected for ten major events. 2017 China copyright ten big things is▼•◇: the new era version has been continuously introduced==■, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee launched a law enforcement inspection of the copyright law, the National Copyright Bureau promoted the order of online music, and Chinas core copyright industry rapidly developed, =▪▲”Jian Wang Action” Highlight the highlight of the copyright of the network••●=, the nations establishment of 11 intellectual property courts, China News Media Copyright Protection Alliance is established▼…, software is pushing so◁…▪.

Original title…▲: New Department Natural Resources Department: Master a huge functional coordination today (19th) morning=▲▪, after voting vote and Xi Jinping signed the chairman, the new State Council system is unveiled in the public-▷▷. It is worth mentioning that some departments are new in this institutional reform◆■. For example, the Natural Resources Department■☆-▼. This new department, I believe that everyone is paying for a few days◇▪. Yesterday (18th) The National Peoples Congress approved the first article of the State Councils reform plan, also describes it: forming a natural resource department. To prepare the responsibilities, national development and reform committees of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the main functional area planning responsibilities, the urban and rural planning management responsibilities of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development=○, the water resources investigation and registration of the Ministry of Water Resources, and the grassland resources of the Ministry of Agriculture Investigation and in.

Original title…■: Tang Renjian hosted the disparity of the 13th Provincial Governments 4th executive meeting to deploy the rectification of the Guanda Road Cantaha Tunnel Safety Hidden Test Motion, the deputy secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, and the governor Tang Renjian hosted the 13th Provincial Government 4th Standing meeting◇=, arrange deployment of CCTV to reflect the safety hazard rectification work in Canto Tunneling Tunnel in Gansu Province-◆◁, and identify measures to encourage professional technical personnel innovation. The meeting emphasized that the Fanda Road is “Poverty Alleviation Road”. After the “poor” engineering quality “is reported, the problem is delayed, and the problem tunnel is still use, there is a serious safety hazard. In the Central and Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government three discipline transforms the style▲◆▼▪, does not push the skin☆=★▷, correctly treat the supervision of all parties☆□☆◆, but also to the ●○●”warm heart” project that is not satisfied with the masses◇◇, b.

On May 27, the Journal “Nature△◆” published the ☆•…=”2021 China Natural Index” issue (NatureIndex China). In the article entitled ▼▼”New Age” leading the medicine intelligence, the newspaper pays attention to China Medical Artificial Intelligence Head Enterprise – Medical Technology=◆▼, which is based on the multi-medical solution based on artificial intelligence technology, and its social responsibility and Contribution, etc◁…. The article says that the new crown epidemic will add the burden of the gradually long chronic disease. Medical Technology from the construction of large data platforms to provide life science and health management solutions, and then launched a series of cooperation with government departments, not on.

Original title: 钢 松山 9 dead 13 injured safety accident Source: Southern Daily South Daily News June 1, Guangdong Provincial Safety Production Supervision Administration The results of the accident and the investigation of the “2 · 9” high temperature burning general accidents, 34 accident responsible persons were hosted. At 2▷□:56 on February 5, gas leakage accident occurred in the 7th shovel of Songshan○□●, Songshan, and the accident caused 8 deaths-•, and 10 were injured. At 23:10 on February 9th-△, the small outlet splatter in the No○•☆=. 7 blast furnace No◁△=▪. 1 is caused by a splatter, and one person died, and 3 were injured. The survey identified that these two accidents were the production safety responsibility accidents, and the safety management confusion of Guangdong Songshan Co., Ltd., and the process technology management and safety trainin.