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[3.5 chameleon handbook]Original title★△★-: The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is told in the middle of the Visit the Korean Presidents Special Envoy to the DPRK, and the Korean Presidents Special Envoy visited the positive results of the delegation, and the Chinese side welcomed this▪△. As the neighbor of the Korean Peninsula, China has always supported the improvement of the improvement of the two sides of the peninsula, supporting the respective partial reasonable concerns including security issues through dialogue, promoting the peninsula●▼. We believe that this is in line with the common interests of all people of the peninsula and the common interests of all parties, and it is also beneficial to peace and stability in the region◆●. I hope that the two sides of the peninsula will implement the consensus and continue to promote the process of reconciliation and cooperation. I hope that all parties have to seize the current timing…▷, phase-oriented, and work together to make efforts to promote the non-nuclear and political solution of the peninsula. China is willing to continue to play a role in this wa.

Xi Jinping: It is necessary to focus on the leading cadres above the county level◁■□, adhere to the combination of centralized learning and autonomous learning=▲, adhere to the combination of operations and self-selected movements▽=●☆, and conduct distinions and form of learning education. This paragraph learned from June 20, 2021▽☆★, Xi Jinping at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference. The passage of General Secretary Xi Jinping●…-, from the methodology of highly emphasized the learning methods in the education education in party history, and adhered to the unified student of Marxism theory and practices●◁●. Leading cadres are the backbone of the party and national undertakings. The attitude of their party history is ending▲■=▽, and is related to the beginning of the heart, and the practice requirements of life; whether the learning effect is transformed into work motivati.

Original title: Sun Yat-sens 93th anniversary commemorative ceremony held Peoples Network in Beijing March 12, March 12□■•▷, Sun Yat-sens 93rd anniversary ceremony was held in Beijing. At 11:30 in the morning, people from all walks of life will gather in Zhongshan Park. In front of Sun Yat-sens statue★=•, he is deeply sorrowful, and the great democratic revolution is deeply remembered. Wang Jiarui, Vice President of the 12th National Peoples Political Consultative Conference★◇□, on behalf of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, deputy director of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, Dai Ye, Dai Yue, deputy director of the Ministry of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Beijing City Chang Lu Yan represents the vice chairman of the Beijing Municipal Government○▽■, the Central Committee of the Peoples Republic of China, and Wang Hong, the director of the Municipal Committee of the Peoples Committee★…▽▼, represents the Beijing Municipal Committee of the China National Party Revolutionary Committee○◇•, to S! deep sea fish collagen peptide halal capsule gelatin About Us.

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