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[gelatin before and after]Original title: After the two sessions…△▷, local teachers have intensive adjusted more than ten provinces Partys team change Chinas new network client Beijing March 28 (Reporter Yu Feng) The national two sessions have ended★☆=, and the provincial local teachers have intensive personnel change. At present•◁★, there have been more than 10 provincial party committees of the Provincial Party Committee■▷▲◁, in which 5 provincial party committees “one hand-=” adjustment in Henan▲▪, Qinghai, Jiangxi★☆▼▪, Sichuan, Guangxi. Data map■◁▷★: Deer heart society. Liu Zhankun took more than ten provincial party committees and the change of the central peoples changes during the two sessions of the country. Since the two sessions, the provincial local staff has been integrated. At present, local personnel adjustments have covered more than 10 provincial party committees of more than 10 provincial party committees Team=●=▪. On March 21st, the national two sessions ended the second day●▪▷△, and the official was intensively released the river within a da▽▼.

Original title: Wang Guoqiang no longer serves as a party secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the director Wang Guoqiang. Visual China Data On March 28th, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a cadre conference to inform the Central Committee on Wang Guoqiang no longer serve as the Party Secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. Director Zeng Yixin is committed to the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration☆•▽▽, the responsible bureau of Ma Jianzhong, a member of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, and deputy director☆▷. Zeng Yixin○•, Wang Guoqiang attended the meeting and speaking=•, Ma Jianzhong hosted the meeting. Wang Guoqiang said, resolutely supported the entire observation from the central government▽◆■, and happily retreat from the leadership position and fully agreed with the decision of the party group. In the past 11 years, especially since the 18th National Congress, the party centronics in the heart of Xi Jinpi■△•.

Original title: Professor Chen Xiaowu◆▲, National Key R & D Plan Special Reply, this year, Professor, Nort-Range△★, Chen Xiaowu•☆, is divided into students, and the qualification of his teachers position and postgraduate mentor▼◆▲▷. But in the list of the national key research and development plan, the national key research and development plan announced at the end of March, why did he have his name△●•◆? Editor in charge: Zhang Yili?