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[Stomach-soluble hollow capsules][US Media: US Finance Minister will visit China to negotiate on the US Trade] According to Fox Commercial News, President Trump said that US financial citizen will negotiate in the next few days to negotiate. (Peoples Daily reporter Wu Lezhen) Related news: China-US trade friction upgrade the United States informing the WTO▽▼▽■: Wishing China to punish the Chinese steel wheel products ★•▪○”double anti-▷△” survey of Chinas steel mill: the import of the United States Sorghum Implementing anti-dumping measures China Attitude Development and Reform Commission: China to do different levels of different levels of trade frictions•☆◇: China-US trade friction changes, Chinas development momentum is ◁○◁”blocked☆◆=▼” US Ministry of Commerce Block ZTE: Prohibition of US companies sell it to it Device 7 yea.

Talent Wars refractive economic upgrade vitality (Rui Finance) Our reporter Wang Junling =-•■”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition■▷=” (March 27, 2018) Recently, Xians new measures were widely concerned. According to the latest policy◆◇▲▪, college students can complete online settlement by the student ID and ID card▪◆, which is open to the country…=•. Experts pointed out that with the graduates of college graduates, the ☆◁◆•”Talent Wars” between the cities gradually warmed. Behind this is the deep era of the Chinese economy is moving towards higher quality development, reflecting the enthusiasm of China s economic transformation and upgrading☆◁△. In fact, not only speed change shifts, not only the new and new needs◇▽, and the regional equilibrium coordinated development also requires the balance distribution of talents. “Eight Immorta!

Original title◁…•…: National Peoples Congress Finance and Economics Committee: E-Commerce Law and Securities Law have passed the Standing Committee Secondary Overseas Network March 12○◇, March 12th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a Meeting News Center held in the center of Madia The press conference invited the deputy director of the 12th National Peoples Congress◁-▷…, Wang Shengming, deputy director of the Financial and Economics, Wu Hertu, deputy director of the UNESCO, Hua Caixia•▼-, a member of the ECP□○, LUCA◇▼■, National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Wang Chaoying, deputy director Wang Chaoying, and deputy director Xuan standard answered the question of Chinese and foreign reporters on the issue of “Peoples Legislative Work△▲△▷”. The ▪=•”Legal Evening News” reporter questioned◁=, the market economy is the legal economy, but from the current point of view, telecom fraud□◇○, movie box office water, personal information has been excused to sell=▷□, such economic chaos are still busy, I will ask Finance and Economic Commission in the economic coll.

Original title▷▪▲▲: The “Iron Blood Political Committee”◆◇□, who has written down the 4-seal book, Jinsheng Group Army Source: Changan Street, a Changan Street, a Great Head, and I learned that the Armys 78th Group Army A special War Tema Baochuan has been promoted to the 82nd group army★★. Vice political commissar. Ma Baochuan is known as the “Terminal Political Committee”, which is famous for the 47-year-old “elderly▽◇” to complete 800 meters high-altitude skydiving▲★★-. The Teachers Political Committee –“Division” is a political commissar, and the coming record in 2013. Mamagawa is in less than half a year, and the troops have prepared the system adjustment and reform, and he “high-vocational low match” officer. Political commissar. Although there is already psychological preparation, but after receiving the order•▽▼, it is still very flat, and it will enter the house in the house. “Who is there without any idea•…, b.

Original title: This must hurt the revenge of the United States◇▲. Is China easily do China to restrict US soybean imports to report to Tutrapping tariffs? Our view is: will be willing. If Trump has a truthfulness of Chinas $ 60 billion merchandise. Some Americans believe that China cant find alternatives for American soybeans□■◇, restrict the price of US soybeans to pull up Chinas edible oil and pork. In addition, once China has caused the United States to take further action, China and the United States trade warfare, Chinas losses will be much larger than the United States. This is both proud and naive ideas. Soy is one of the easiest substitutes of agricultural products▼-•. South American countries and Russias soy producers…▪•◆, and Russias soy producers must not squeeze the US soya from the Chinese market★☆-. And Brazil has become more than the United Stat=△△◇. collagen drink sachet porcine collagenGelatin wholesale.

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