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[protein engineering applications in industrial biotechnology]Chinas new network client Beijing May 28 (Reporter Wu Tao) When a car slowly sang to you, there is no one, do you dare to open the door? Now, in Beijing, Shenzhen and other places, there is such a unmanned (automatic driving) vehicle commercial trial operation, maybe in the future, this situation is getting closer and more generous. Unmanned driving is commercialization, in the first year▽…? On May 1st•◆, Wujiang▽◆, Suzhou, Wujiang▷◇▲★, the first batch of 5G drivers bus entered the trial operation. No driver, there is no dashboard, and the two technologies are full of Haighong bus ▼•◁=”dark blue” driving in the shore of Dongtaihu, Wujiang District, Suzhou●◁■. AUTOX published in real road screenshots. May 6th, a.

Original title: The Eastern Army Navy Airperation held the first time to hold the military ranking ceremony, 22 people promoted the spring breeze, and the land was spring●■. In mid-March, the Navy Airperation in the Eastern Avenue held the progress of the military ranking in the school, and more than 200 officers and soldiers participated together▪○……. After approval, three military officers in the eastern army of the Eastern Aventers were promoted to the rank of the Navy◁▪, and 19 officers were promoted to the rank of professional and technical leaders. At 9 oclock in the morning, the ceremony began in the solemn national song. Eastern Army Navy Deputy Political Commissions, Eastern War District Naval Air Force Political Council Wang Changchun Announces the Naval Command of the War District, and issued a command-shaped command to the Journalist. 22 promotional military officers military uniforms, the spiritual shakes▼=•▽, follow the chairpersses▲◁•◁, accept the applause and congratulations on the site officers and men. Witness the honor time, activate the glory gene. “The family can witness the sce.

Original title: Minister of Finance: Comprehensive implementation of budget performance management to improve financial resource allocation Efficiency Learning Times report on March 16, the partys nineteen major deployments have made important deployments in accelerating the establishment of a modern financial system, clearly proposing to establish a comprehensive standard transparent△★▲, standard Scientific▷○, binding powerful budget systems■▲☆, fully implement performance management. Implementing this requirement, we must closely focus on improving financial resource allocation efficiency, integrating performance philosophy and management methods into budget, implementation, and oversighting the whole process◆▲, not only to achieve financial operation, continuously improve public service quality and level, but also Ensure that all people have stable and sustainable in the development of sharing sharing and improve peoples satisfaction. The importance and urgency of comprehensively implementing budget performance management is implementing budget performance management is implementing the peopl.

Original title■▪•…: US media exposed China -▲□”pressure” USA traffic letter: 30 days to complete the rectification within 30 days, otherwise further measures Source: Observer Network [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] last month, US media said China Civil Aviation Authority letter letter Airlines around the world require a misunderstanding of Hong Kong▼-★, Macao and Taiwan as a ◁▼-◁”country=■”. On the 5th◁○◇, the White House published a boycott of statement, saying that this practice is “Owah non-vanguo”. On the same day, the “Washington Post” exposed the letter from UNITED AIRLINES, and the letter clearly requested to complete the rectification in the United States◆▼■☆. According to the “Washington Post◆▼□” on the 5th▪=▪◇, the columnist Joshi Luo Jin (Josh Rogin) said that the China Civil Aviation Authority has obtained the “pressure” letter of the United NaC▪○●.Contacts application of proteins in food industry protein pharmaceutical industry in ten years,