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[gelatin sheet for bakery]Original title: Focusing on the law▲□★: Industrial investigation measures are not criminal compulsory measures to supervise the law of anti-corruption, distinguish between criminal procedures◇…; the monitoring committee is the supervisory authority established by the state power organ, is the anti-corruption work under the party unified leadership The agency○▽△▼, the nature is different from the judiciary▽▽□■; anti-corruption is different from the general criminal offense, the investigation of the monitoring organs is different from the criminal investigation rights of public security and prosecutors☆◇, and cannot be simply used or deemed to be in law enforcement and Mandatory Measures for Judiciaters. In short◆○, indwent survey measures are not criminal forced measures●◁▼. Indile investigation measures apply to the investigation of positional violations and duty crimes. The monitoring authority investigates the illegal and duty crime applicable to the law▲•☆○, and the case is applied to the procuratorate to apply the criminal procedure law. Supervisi!

Original title: The CPPCC member was “underwater” to fight protein bar industry collagen manufacturer expression of proteins lacking n-terminal methionine industrially! Source-◆: Dahuai News WeChat public account today (March 15) Evening, the annual CCTV 3-▼□△.15 party will meet with the national audience again. On the occasion of the two sessions-▪■, “fake” is also a proposal theme of many representatives and members. Director of the Dongfang Kunlun Law Firm, Guangdong□☆○, Zhu Zhengfu○☆=, Vice President of the China National Lawyers Association=…▷, for three consecutive years, for three consecutive, for “counterfeiting◁▼”, but also two proposals. It revealed that he hides his identity for some time•◁, a unannounced visit to a permutical city, and witnessed a fake package •□-“International Trade▽◁△☆.” The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Zhu Zhengfu made a holiday on March 6 in a consecutive year, and a meeting of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC discussed the governments work▷●■=. National Committee▽◆▽■, Chinese National L.

The Thai Food and Drug Administration notified on May 28, officially approved the urgent use permit for Chinese Chinese medicine new crown vaccine. The application is the introduction of the vaccine Thai Biotechnology Company (Bio GeneTech International Company Limited). China National Medicine New Crown Vaccine is inactivating the vaccine, the official name is BBIBP-CORV, and the WHO has been urgently used certification◁•. There are five new crown vaccines that have been officially registered in the Thai Food and Drug Administration: Cozhi, Aslikang, Johnson•○…, Modener and China National Medicine New Crown Vaccine. (Total reporter Li Min) [Editor: Su Yiy☆△.Pectin manufacturer porcine gelatin wholesaler!