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[best gelatin factory]Original title■•: Industry insiders disclose a rides, safety, maintenance, interims◁□, hidden dangers●…★☆, interim▲••, hidden dangers•…, 3 April, 15○▪:10•◁▼=, Xuchang City◇○•▼, Henan Province, Xuchang City▲○▪, Xihu Park, the accident★○◁◆, a man is playing “Flying Eagle” play facilities Due to the safe lock●•◆-, the high-altitude falls-■▲, and the hospital is invalid. This matter has attracted the attention of the safety of rides☆▪. □ Our reporter Zhao Li will every holiday•▪■, many people will choose to play to play★••●, experience rides▲■, enjoy happiness. However, the protection measures are not in place, the professional management is lacking▲▷, and the quality of the facilities is not necessarily increased, and the safety hazards in the playground have increased★-■, and it is possible to cause accidents…-. What is the status quo of playing safety management◁•-□? The “Legal Daily•△▼◆” reporter conducted an investigation▪☆-•. Touri☆•.

China Weather Network Today (May 28), Beijing is still a day of northern wind▪◁△◇, it is expected that there will be 4 north winds in most parts, 7 to 8 gusts=◆. With the wind-◆▪, Beijing will be blue sky today, high temperature◁▪, the highest temperature in the afternoon will reach about 29 ° C■■★. Yesterday morning▽□○▷, Beijing cloudy turned overcast, some dispersive thunderstorms appeared, and also with windy weather, the city meteorological station once released lightning yellow warning signals and wind blue warning signals▽-. At night■▲…, Beijings wind is further enhanced, and the city meteorological station is upgraded from 21:05 in the evening to release high wind yellow warning signals. And○■★-, Beijing Meteorological Bureau started a major meteorological disaster (wind) at 21:30 on May 27t.

Original title: Induction of the ambassador, put the cave, the stamp is touched▲=: Chinas mechanism of repair “” In the sensitive area of ​​the Chinese-Indian border▪▷▼, no party should go to change the status quo, change the status “, try to cause similar caves The situation of the conflict reproduction ◇▽★.▷★○.▷=▼◇. The Chinese army changed the situation of the cave, so the Indian army responded ..-▷=★. “On March 24th, the Indian Ambassador to China was interviewed by•▪○▷” Nanhua Morning Post “in Hong Kong. At the time, I expressed tough position and I was completely buckled on the Chinese head last year. However, the Indian media seems to be some ▲▼▪□”disappearance●=” for their own ambassador. “India Times” directly poured the basin “cold water”△★▲: compared to the Indian ambassador rushed to China, the maintenance road project in the Dongliang area was significant. However, anoth.

Original title: The Ecological Environment Department responds to environmentally friendly volunteers to be arrested: more about volunteers should understand the encyclopediments of Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) Recently, there is a media report□◁☆▼. Environmental volunteers Lei Ping will return to Guangdong Provincial Letter…▪•▪. After the citys quarry△○•-, after the garbage dump, the police of Xinyi City North Police Station took away. In response to this, Liu Youbin said in the press conference today, more understanding and inclusive for environmental social organization and environmental volunteers, more concerned and support, and environmentally friendly social organizations and volunteers should also Carry out activities. Liu Youbin said that “ecological environmental volunteers are our important power◆◁▲, social organizations and volunteers actively participate in ecological environment, report violations★◁…◁, and maintain public legal environmental rights◇•▼□, and is an important supplement of government power☆•▪◆. Original ri▷◆◆.Gelatin capsule!

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