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Gelatin wholesale![undenatured type ii chicken collagen]China Xinwang on May 28th, according to the website of Guangdong Province•▽, May 27th 0-24=●■, 5 cases of new local non-symptoms in Guangdong Province●▼◆…, 3 cases of Guangzhou report, 1 case of Shenzhen report•★▲, Foshan report 1 case. There were 1 case of new overseas, Zhanjiang report from Egypt. There were 5 cases of non-symptomatic infection, 3 cases of Guangzhou, from the United States◆□, Egypt and Myanmar●☆; 2 cases of Shenzhen reported from the United States and Cameroon◆••. Newly added 4 cases. As of 24…▽:00 on May 27•△□▷, there were 2428 cases of new coronal pneumonia in the province (1028 cases of overseas input). Currently 45 cases in the hospital. [Edit: Huang Yuha.

The scene of the ancient tomb is found in the chart of the Tomb of the Suspended Square▼●◆◁, and there is a lot of murals□▼. It has been preserved. It has a higher archaeological value■▷▲. According to the management-▪△, it was found that a relatively large tomb was found when the villagers of the county Sanmen Temple in the township villages were discovered. The walls of the tomb of the tomb are intact■••, bright, clear=▪, and high archaeological value. According to Cai Jizhong, the secretary of the Party Branch of the Zhongmu County Cultural Relics and Protection Management, the tomb is a multi-chamber tomb, found 4 walls and some cunds fragments in a chamber★▽○. In the four pictures■▼▪…, a maid-side wine map, two is a chrysanthemum map■◇☆, and the other is not clear because the incomplete is not clear•■◁. Researchers analyze the tomb structure☆◁, shape, and shap?

China New Network May 27th, according to foreign media reports, on the 26th◇-, Nigeria has a shipwreck accident□…, causing more than 100 people missing★=•. It is reported that the cause of the accident may be overloaded by vessels. Reuters quoted the Yahaya Sarki in the Governor of the Governor of Kaibi Province, saying that this ship has approximately 200 passengers. The AFP invited the regional administrative leader Varahi, ABDULLAHI BUHARI WARA, and there is approximately 160 passengers on the ship◆▲. The BBC (BBC) quoted a survivor news that there were about 40 people to save••, but it is unlikely to find more survivors. Residents of the village nearb?

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