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Gelatin wholesale gelatin 220 bloom apple(pyrus malus) pectin extract,[protein industry us]Original title▷◆: The Ministry of Commerce is primarily originally produced in Brazil imported white feather meat chicken products existing dumping China new network June 8 The electricity Ministry of Commerce on the 8th on the official website on the original ruling of the imported white feather meat chicken in Brazil, the announcement The investigation organs have initially identified that there is a dumping in the imported white feather chicken products in Brazil. The domestic white feather meat chicken industry has been substantially damaged, and there is a causal relationship between dumping and substantive damage. Ministry of Commerce. (Data Map) Chinas new network reporter Jin Shuos announcement shows that from June 9, 2018, import operators should be determined by the company when they imported Brazils White Brochnium products◁=•. The dumping range provides the corresponding margin to the Customs of the Peoples Republic of China▷○■▼. The guarantee is checked by the price of tax prices based on custom?

Source▼▲★•: China Daily Network This is a very easy to neglect, but very important news: May 17, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the latest report ▽▲”World Health Statistics 2018△▽■▽” in Geneva, according to the data provided according to this report, The health expectancy of Chinas baby is 68.7 years old in 2016. It is 68☆■▼-.5 years old, which is the first time in this indicator. In this indicator of per capita expectancy☆••, China is chasing the United States, which is expected to exceed the United States in 2027◁◆. At the same time, the US per capita expectancy is declining△○, and the 79-year-old 2014 has become the peak. At the same time, we need to remind it that Chinese people in 20.

Original title: Review Precision to grasp the ecological environment connotation of “Xiongan Quality”☆•▲…: On April 20th, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China▼■☆, the State Councils approval of the “Hebei Xiongan New District Planning Outline○▲▪▷” announced, domestic and foreign communities highly anticipated. Planning and building Xiongan New District, guiding ideology is, focusing on building Beijing non-capital functional disloation, creating “雄安 Quality•▽●-” to create a national model that promotes high quality development. From “Shenzhen Speed▲•…△” to “Quality◆▼•●”, 40 years of reform and opening up□▪▷•, Chinas economic development is transforming from high-speed growth to high quality development, which is a strategic transformation, which is a historic change of economic and social development model. The essence of “Xiongan Quality” is to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more fair○◇■, and sustainable development◁◁, and put forward higher requirements for the ecological environmen.

According to the website of the National Health Committee, China Xinwang, on May 27•●, 2021★■▷-, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps accumulated 58436 million doses of new crown virus vaccine•=▪. Data Map: The public is vaccinated in the new crown vaccination point.宏 伦 摄 [Editor: Su Yug.