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[antifreeze proteins in food industry]China New Network May 27th (Reporter Chen Jing) Toss Professor Charde is Chinas famous infectious diseaseter and medical education△★▽▷, the Chinese Communist Party member☆…▼, the national level professor■▪○, and the main founder of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. After the death, the family of professor Professor Charde has been donated by 300 precious historical materials such as photos◇▽, manuscripts◇◁…, medals, certificates, clothing, etc.◆▷▲, to the master school library◆■□. To commemorate the 115th anniversary of Professor Qiande, the Avenue Made-Trid Professor Trienda was held on the 27th, and people took people into the journey of the medicine-△. This exhibition is hosted by the Fudan University Library and Huashan Hospital infectious section. Zhang Wen•□★, director of the Infectious Department of Huashan Hospit?

Original title port media: Hong Kong young people should go to the •△”Knocking” on March 9th■★, 13th National Peoples Congress□●-, held an interview with the 13th National Peoples Congress◁•○, and Zhang Xiaoming★●☆, Director Zhang Xiaoming, Director of the State Council. Zhang Xiaoming accepts an interview. China Net Yang Jiajing Overseas Network on March 10th of this years government report mentioned that ★□■■”introducing the development plan of Guangdong, Hong Kong•○■▷, Macau), comprehensively promoting the mainland◆•◁◆,” Mutual benefit of Hong Kong and Macao “, local time 9, Hong Kong and Macao Zhang Xiaoming Zhang Xiaoming, director of the office, also talked about Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dasan District Planning is about to introduce☆□■. For the future development of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau, Hong Kong people also call on Hong Kong to grasp this huge opportunity to break through the development bottleneck, and encourage young people to actively try•▪◁, “knocking on the door” in Guangdong, Hong Kong▪△☆=, Macau Dating. Hong Kong Da Gong◆….com focuses on Zhang Xiaomi.

China News Agency, Macau, May 27 (Reporter Longste) On May 27, the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR Congcheng met with the governments headquarters Wu Jianping, Wu Jianping, and the two sides exchanged views on topics such as talent training and higher education cooperation◁▪□●. On May 27th, the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR (right) met with the governments headquarters Wu Jianping, Wu Jianping☆○□, the General Secretary of the Overseas Chinese University■•▷◆, exchanged views on the promotion of talent training and higher education cooperation. Zhongxin agency■-, Zhong Xin, Cheng Cheng▼☆…, said that in order to grasp the national “14th Five-Year Plan☆◁” and the opportunities for the development of Guangdong and Hong Kong▼▷•=, Macao must increase the talent required to cultivate social development and economic moderation, hoping to cooperate with Huaqiao University▽◇. strength!

Bridge, life, life…=, Yuan Zhanzhu, a boat fire, the drill, Jiangfeng, inner••…, danger, Jiang Feng, “O-type” rescue technology, Jiang Feng, a boat, alert, Yuan Zhan•☆, the island rescue drill, Jiang Feng, May 28▷…, Hubei Shiyan City Hold a cross-regional anti-flood emergency drill◇▼. The drill is based on the current flood prevention and relief situation, highlighting the actual training, the joint command▼□★…, comprehensive protection☆▼, focusing on air investigation, island rescue, rumored self-help, internal ride☆•○, bridge rescue students, water life, boat fire saving▼▪○, dike dam reinforcement★□◁▽, etc□△▲. 16 actual combat subjects. [Editor: Li Yu▼☆.

Original title: Deputy Director of Sports General: Suggestion ▪•◁△”Teaching, Selling, Selling, Taking Stimulants” Influence Source: Views News Legal Evening News · View on March 4th, National Committee, Deputy Director of the State Sports General◇☆◆-, anti-doping agent Li Yingchuan○★, director Li Yutuan, said in a meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference☆☆▷◇, it is recommended to write “teaching, sales, selling, and taking the stimulant” to the criminal law▼★▼. Photographing / Legal Evening News · View Journalists Wen Ruyu Tong and Stimulant Question, Li Yingchuan said that no matter whether it is in China▪▲▼, the situation is very severe□■. The stimulant seriously damages the athletes physical and mental health□◁, and even damages the national image, and does need a severe blow☆▲. It is understood that although my country has been anti-docing from the 1980s and 1990s, there are many relat. protein industries canada ceo industrial whey protein isolateGelatin wholesale.

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