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[industrial protein for bacterial culture]Original title★★-: Zhejiang delegation considered the draft Constitutional Amendment Wang Chen▷…, Hu Jun, Yuan Jiajun participated in the source▪•☆-: Zhejiang News 7th, Zhejiang delegation held a plenary meeting to consider the draft Constitutional Amendment to the Peoples Republic of China. Zhejiang News Client Reporter Liang Yu took the afternoon of the 7th, the Zhejiang delegation held a plenary meeting to consider the draft constitutional amendment to the Peoples Republic of China. Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China and Wang Chen, deputy chairman and Secretary-General of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, attended the meeting. The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress presided over the meeting◆△. Yuan Jiajun, Liu Jianchao, Liang Liming, and Jian Jian and other participated in consideration. Comrade, the relevant comrades of the National Peoples University of Matters•▲●=, will listen to opinions. Wang Chen said that I fully agreped and resolutely support the draft constitutional amendment. my countrys current constitution is a good constitution and mu.

Original title: Taiwan-funded factory ◇□”Qingtian Ban Banner☆▼●▽” was removed by Vietnam ▷▽◁”to prevent being considered to be misunderstanding◇▷▷, Vietnam allows Taiwan companies to hang the Chinese people☆★△=.△▽■□” At the end of last month▼▲◁☆, Taiwan “Central Society” This discovery is excited to make the island△•-, claiming ★••”This is what cant do before.” However◁★, this statement of Taixia quickly was “faced”■=○•. BBC Vietnamese channel 3rd reported that Vietnamese official denied that the Taiwan Enterprise is allowed to hang “China Peoples Flag◆…•…”. At the Queen Enterprise, the banner before the Furniture Factory of Vietnamese, at the routine reporter meeting on the 2nd, there were recent Vietnam Pingyang Province, a Taiwan-funded factory hanging ★○▼◇”China Peoples Flag”, Vietnam Foreign Ministry spokesman Lis autumn▼△, Vietnam Consistently adhere to a Chinese principle. After investigation□▪○▼, this approach is the spontaneous behavior of the company▷◁. Sedu●….

Original title: One week anti-corruption point: The “inner ghost” in the discipline mandarin is transferred to the paper string-■, which will be received. The two news about the discipline inspection and monitoring organ clean up the portal…▪○, once again, “Blade edge” is not empty talk◁△. On the morning of May 30th, Cao Mingqiang, the original director of the Zhu Nan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, took the bribe, abuse the authority, and opened a trial in the Yueyang Intermediate Peoples Court, Cao was more than 14 million yuan▷■☆. The other news is to go back to more than a month ago, Zhao Mingwei•◇, deputy director of the Anhui Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, is suspected of violating the law and accepting review and investigation, and became the national first-level supervision committee of the country. It can be seen from these “home ugly” from these self-exposure, in strengthening their own construction, resolutely prevent “black◆▪”, and the discipline committee is serious. Someo.

China Xinwang Xining May 27th (Li Jiangning) reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department on the 27th that the Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department organized experts to study the transformation and industrialization of enterprises in the Western Magnesium Industry Co.★□●▪, Ltd.▷◆■◆, Qinghai Province Study and development of the preparation process technology of the chirlad oxide product production was examined. According to reports▲★, magnesium oxide crystals are widely used in high-temperature superconducting, medical equipment□★◇…, semiconductor, optical and many other high-tech applications. The project was used to produce high-purity hydroxide-magnesium oxide produced by salt lake chlorocene stone, using process technology such as light burning☆•■…, pressure ball▪●◁, ultra-high temperature electric arc furnace, producing high-purity oxide crystal crystal materials, filling the domestic use of salt lake halogen-magnesium resource preparation orders Chooxidati.