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[standard capsule size]Zhongxin Net Shannan May 27 (Reporter Zhao Yan) “Raising Road is a business□▼▪, the Tang class is a home◁▲, is a bitterness, and there is fun.” On the 26th▽-, the new network reporter saw 48 years old Ni When Machan•□, he was burying a pavement cutting machine in the wind and his colleague, and he was embarrassed to hold hands with the reporter. In May△…◆◁, the National Road Administration Month, May 26■…, for the “I Love Road=•” propaganda day□◆…. On the same day, Chinas new network reporter came to Tibetan Shannan City-▼★, Tibet, Shannan City, Tibet, and visited the work of road maintenance workers. The picture shows the Zhane-raising section G349 (formerly S307 line) two working area maintenance worke.

Original title△◇=: Jinan Viaraqiao Traffic peak is shown to be limited to foreign cars=-, is comment on the opinions, the reporter learned from the municipal government network, the Jinan Viara Bridge peak is limited to foreign cars! I am coming in the comments●▽▲=. Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau on the peak hours of urban elevated road traffic traffic peaks, the non-books for the number of motor vehicles, in order to balance traffic flow, according to Article 39 of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China, The measures for the prohibition of non-booksports in the citys high-end roads and fast road traffic peak hours: 1. At 7●◇▪●:00 to 9, from 16●▷▽:00 to 19, the citys motor vehicle number plate is prohibited◁•▷. Small cars enter the city elevation, fast road pass. Second▲-, the small car of the military, the armed police number plate is not subject to the above measur.

Original title: The highest law work reports this 9 sentences, the representative of the Peoples Congress gave applause! Lead Changanjun (ID▪◇◁: Changan-j): On the afternoon of the 9th, the Supreme Peoples Court Zhou Quan Quan strongly intends to “answer▪▼=▷” in the past five years▪▷△. The latest reports have a highlight of the highlights, severely punish corruption crimes□□▪•, correct the wrong case, and maintain the “safety on the tip of the tongue=◇●” and other initiatives to respond to the peoples heart. At the meeting site=■☆●, the highest law work reports this 9 sentences, the representative of the Peoples Congress gave applause gelatin definition gelatin pectin halal Gelatin wholesale, recommended daily protein exaggerated by beef industry protein industries supercluster canada! Changan Jun took you first – 1 in accordance with the law to invade the -□”Wolf Hill Five Strong” The reputation line rights series, and resolutely maintain the hero image. 2 Trial “Doctors Elevator to discourage the smoking▷◁…” “Zhu Zhenzhen to catch up with traffic accident”, so that the behavior of the law and public interest is encounter.

Original title◆★•=: (Social) Hunan Shaoyang many “fly greed” due to false reports–☆▽, the problem of resigning the poverty alleviation funds☆■□, was respoted Xinhua News Agency Changsha May 2 (Reporter Chen Wenguang) Venus, the renovation of the harvest, the harvest, the industry poverty alleviation ..▽…◁. Hunan Shaoyang City recently conducted a typical case of 5 poverty alleviation fields in Hunan Province=□-, and many “fly greed” were hosted. According to reports, these 5-style cases are…□□●: Liu Zhongliang, the party branch of the party branch of Jiulongling Town-△●, Shaodong County, Liu Director, Director, Village, Director of the Village Question; Secretary of the Party Branch of the original village of Gaosha Town, Dongkou Coun□◆◁□!