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[gelatin industrial]Since March of this year□○, China Railway Corporation has launched the “High Speed ​​Railway Intelligent Key Technology Comprehensive Test▲…” in Beijing to Shenyang High Speed ​​Railway, and promoted Chinas intelligent high-speed rail construction. The test will last until the end of September. It is Chinas first 350 kilometers of intelligent high-speed rail test speed. Construction■▷▲-. What is Chinas intelligent high-speed rail▼△? 1 Advanced technology such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data▪▷=◇, Beidou positioning, next generation mobile communication, artificial intelligence▪•□▼; 2 through the integration of new generation information technology and high-speed railway technology, high-speed rail intelligent construction◇◇☆, intelligent equipment, intelligent operation technology Level is fully improved; 3 can make high-speed rail operation mo.

After the outbreak of the Pacific War, Chiang Kai-shek negative anti-war attitude made the US deeply dissatisfied▽◆•. For the purpose of defeating Japan as soon as possible, reduce the purpose of US military casualties▲▷, the US has repeatedly negotiated with Chiang Kai-shek, forceding its agreed that the US was stationed in Yanan. In the summer of 1944■◇, 18 US military observation teams led by the Embassy of the United States in China▲▷, were batch to Yanan. Their main task is to feed back the political, economic, military◇▲, military, etc. of the Communist Party of China to the highest decision-making layer in Washington□○▲■. On the 6th day of arriving in Yanan, the “Political Consultant△☆•” of the US Observer, Xie Weisi wrote his first report. In the report, he describes the experience of the US military observation: ==◆”Our group memb?

Original title••=▲: Chinas trade negotiation representative is coming, Americans say that they will pay for it☆▲○! On the occasion of the new batch of tariffs◁•●, China and the United States returned to the negotiation table. This time, the Chinese delegation was led by the deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, and will go to Washington in late August, and negotiate with the US delegation of Markas, deputy director of the US Department of Finance△◆, and consultations on Sino-US economic and trade issues◇◁■■. The country is a straight train. Chinese trade negotiations represent news of the United States, let the American people regain hope. “See the ghost, I am happy to ask them to have lunch, let them sit down and think of something meaningful●◇▷.” Joseph Cohen, CEO of Snow Joe Llc★◆◁□, said. Image Source★△: Bloomberg Website Screenshot Snow Joe is New Z. pig collagen powder high protein vegan protein bar industry About Us gummy bear sulfuric acid best collagen peptides powder for hair marine vs bovine,