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[pig collagen powder]Original title=■▼…: Wu Xiaohuis case report Prospector said that the Insurance Regulatory Commission avoided the loss of investors on March 28, 2018. Shanghais first intermediate peoples court publicly opened the Shanghai Peoples Procuratorates first branch of Anbang Insurance Group Co★△◁◁., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anbang Group) Former Chairman, General Manager Wu Xiaohuis crime of fund-raising fraud△◆●-, and crimes of duties. The court debate continues. The defendant Wu Xiaohui said that due to the lack of legal knowledge•◇, the commission was defended. The defender believes that Wu Xiaohui and the use of insurance funds to the country and the society have brought huge risks, but the evidence of the prosecution of Wu Xiaohuis crime of fund-raising fraud and the crime of duty, the fact is not clear, Wu Xiaohui does not have a clear illegal possession Existing evidence cannot be proved that Angang is n.

Original title△▷◁◇: Li Changan: Chinese working hours can also be shorter to the Korea Congress recently reviewed the revision of the Labor Bench Act to shorten the workers longest working hours from 68 hours to 52 hours. Soon, the German Metal Industry Trade Union reached an agreement to shorten the working week from standard 35 hours. The length of working hours involves all the labor rights of all workers, and thus be one of the most concerned social issues of the people. International experience shows that in the early stage of economic development in one country, the laborer is willing to increase working hours to improve their revenue to abandon their leisure time◇○•; however■=, when per capita income is raised to a certain level, workers have preferences for leisure It will become stronger. With the level of economic development and the improvement of labor productivity, working time is shru.

Original title☆★★•: In the last 22 days, Beijings key investigation sources▽◇▷■: “Changan Street●…○, IC” WeChat public number With the arrival of the Ching Ming Festival, the city will have a peak of sweeping, recently, the city management law enforcement Bureau has issued a whole system ” The Qingming Festival Environmental Order Security Work Plan “, the urban management law enforcement department will launch a special law enforcement work in Ching Ming Festival from March 17th to April 8th. The urban management law enforcement department will focus on the operation of not counting the funeral, sacrifices★=…-, Kong Ming lights and fireworks, roads to throw paper money△★, and illegal operation around the sacrifice, and coordinate the governance and regulating the main roads◇▪, squares, and public green spaces. The behavior of the coin-★, the sacrifice, focusing on the park tourism scenic spot○○, the bustling business specialty block, and timely discovery and investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal activities affecting the order of the cit▪★…◆.About Us!

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