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Contacts.[bovine collagen vs collagen peptides]Original title: Chairman Yao March 2◇▷◆▼, this year, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Yao Ming appeared in the two sessions. “Government” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) noted that there is another important position of Yao Ming before attending the national two sessions – Chairman of Chinas Basketball Association is just one year. On February 23, last year•◆•▷, at the 9th National Congress of China Basketball Association, Yao Mings full vote was elected to the new Basketball chairman, and Chinas basketball ushered in another new “Yao Ming era”. At that time, there were comments that Yao Ming was elected the chairman of the China Basketball Association. It can be said to be a landmark incident in Chinas basketball and even Chinas sports world – this is the first time to serve as the chairman of China Basketball Association, breaking the system-△□. The practice of this position. When the Chairman of the Basketball Association was elected, Yao Ming was asked to take a!

Original title: This scandal, the wrong is the Japanese, the result is the accurate Chinese to the Chinese According to Japanese media reports, recently, the news of Japans “pension information entry” is a lot of trouble in Japan○■◁, causing a strong dissatisfaction with many Japanese people. After the Japanese media, this is a mistake caused by Japanese companies. It turned out to have a relationship with China. According to Japanese media reports, in February this year, approximately 104,000 people did not carry out the income control (according to the personal situation of the taxpayer-☆=, reduce the tax amount), thereby paying too much tax, leading to the pension The gold is less than the amount, with a total of 2.013 billion yen (about 119 million yuan). At the same time…△▽•, there are 45,000 Japanese people to have a lot of mone.

Hong Kong Satellite TV reporter▷☆…▷: Good minister, good, I am a Hong Kong Satellite TV reporter. In recent years□▲, we have witnessed the development of Chinas science and technology, which has been -△◁●”artificial intelligence○▲□”△▼○■. What is the latest artificial intelligent development plan▽○◆•? In addition, what will change the life of the people? Thank you. Wan Steel: Your Chinese is really good○○. Verified the sentence I just said, the current young people exchange, the language is not obstacles▷▼…, more is the ideological communication. It should be said that artificial intelligence has developed a considerable history. The Party Central Committee, the State Council has always attached great importance to the development of this, from the 1980s, and artificial intelligence is already a research content of our national science and technology plan. For long-term accumulation and informationization, digital and software hardware▪…, the mo gelatin sheets near me protein supplement industry india supplement collagen collagen whitening drink!