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Gelatin wholesale.[industrial hemp as a source of protein]Original title US media pay attention to Chinas left-behind children: parents are absent from education Quality Information Pictures: A left-behind children stand at home at home. Reference Message Network reported on March 29 that the US media said, the global social media was lived with grandparents in a remote village of Yunnan, Wang Fusheng ignited☆△☆. Wang Fu is almost 3 miles per day (1 mile about 1.609 km – this net note) road to go to school. One morning▷▽•, he appeared in the classroom●▲-◁, and a teacher took this scene and sent photos to the network, ☆○”Ice Flower Boy” Wang Fusi quickly became popular on the Internet. This photo has also triggered concerns about many Chinese children to grow up with their parents. US “New York Times” website March 27 issue is “Chi.

Original title…△■•: Shanghai Cooperatives Qingdao Summit is about to hold a news center will hold three conference CCTV News: Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit held, the domestic and foreign media registered reporters also entered the news center. Today, Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit News Center will hold three press conferences, introduced by the relevant person in charge of the China Public Security Department, China Culture and Tourism, and Shandong Province will also hold a launch conference, introduce economic and social development and Opening is open◇◆▼. Click to enter the topic▲•: Shanghe Summit June Qingdao Opening Editor▽△▲: Huo .

Original title: Xi Fei 60th Anniversary Short Sphi is now mysterious large-scale airplane foreign media or bombard -20 reference message network reported foreign media said that China Aviation Industry Group issued a short film called ▽▪••”big country take-off” on the 8th. Introduction 60th Anniversary, located in Xian Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd…○. in Xian, Shaanxi. A large-scale aircraft that is covered with a film display is concerned●●…. According to the Singapore “Joint Morning Post” website reported on May 10, about five minutes of short film showed a bombing-6k bomber, air police-2000 early warning machine, C919 large passenger plane, transport -20 transport plane, showing computer animation. Domestic aircraft. At the last nine seconds of the end…•, a mysterious plane appeared in the screen, the machine was covered, and only the general outline of the fron▷★▼-? Nanjing May 27th (泱 泱 颜 慈) Move finger, you can check the ☆…•▷”transparent factory” in real time, and every workers access time, work schedule is immediately “flashing”. Production process, equipment status through interconnection, panoramic exhibition is now on a piece of block .☆◆.. This is the ■□■□”Wuxi Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics” equipment and industrial Internet platform construction “projects for Chery Automobile” tailor-made ▷▲=○”project. By realizing the fusion of automation systems and information systems•◇■-, equipment data real-time acquisition and procedure, through the establishment of transparent plants, enabling enterprises▲◆●, decline○○●, and efficiency. In the Wuxi Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Dunshunding, Dean Tang Dunbi.