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[size 1 gelatin capsules]Original title: Foreign media: Thai shipwreck accident has caused 33 people to be killed in China Citizens on July 5, on July 5, two ships contained in Phuket◇◁▲, Thailand, according to Phuket, Thailand The latest news of the Associated Press▼◆■◁, as of now, the number of victims has risen to 33 people, and all 23 people are missing. According to early report•=, local time on July 5•▪, at 5●▪:45 pm, there were 127 Chinese tourists on board, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that 78 Chinese tourists have rescued, 33 people missing, 16 people were killed. “Bangkok Post” reported that there were 105 people on the “Phoenix” of the boat■◇▪, including 93 passengers, 12 crew and tour guides☆•; 42 people on the other □★”Srinita□▷◆•”□•, of whi◇□▼★.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing=◇▼, May 26th: Strive to Strive to Carbon-……, Beijing Winter Olympics, the Xinhua News Agency, Wang Chujie▲•▲, Ji Wei△▼, Wang Yong Green, Sharing•…, Open●•, Integrity – In Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disappearance Among the Olympic Implications, the green is in the first place■◆•★. To do low-carbon management work……▽□, help our country to achieve carbon-up peaks▷▲▲, carbon◆●…, and to implement the actual actions of the Green Office. At the time of the game, 100% of the venues will be used to use green electricity. The construction venues fully meet the green architectural standards◆○◇, the cleaning energy vehicles used by the event are the highest in the last winter. On the 26th, the news held in the Shougang Office of the Beijing Winter Olympics At the press conference☆•…, Winter Olympics low-carbon management wo.

Original title▼=: The child worried by the people in the Wenchuan earthquake, and how old is the character file Langzi, after the earthquake, 3-year-old Lang Guigang was dig up from the ruins□…, respecting a military ceremony to the Peoples Liberation Army, “Salmon Doll” Open□○. Today, the 13-year-old Lang is collecting the clues of all parties and finds that it is the year of rescue of his liberation army▷•▪•. Lin Hao◆•●, the 9-year-old second-grade primary school student Lin Haoqi and returned to the ruins to rescue two students and touched many people▷•◆. Lin Hao has also participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Now, Lin Hao is preparing the college entrance examination, his dream is to be an actor. Xue Yu, Xue Yu was rescued from the ruins△◁■□, the first sentence is, “Uncle, remember to give me a happy, to be frozen▲◆□”, he is therefore called “Coke Boy”◇◇. The 27-year-old Xue Wei this year is Cheng.