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Contacts,[the protein supplement industry]Recently, the Chinese pregnant women who have received interest in Thailand have been sentenced to the second trial judgment in Thailand. The defendant Yu Dong (pseudonym) was identified as △◇□”no preamble” and was sentenced to ten years in prison. After you know the results of the judgment, the royal history of the lawyer did not know how to tell the party Wang Ling (pseudonym) and drag to her at night. “She is very strong▲■▽, but this result is too big to fight her★●■◇.” June 9•●=, 2019, three and a half months of pregnancy-◆, Wang Ling in Ubran, Thailand, was 34 meters from Husband The high cliff is pushed down, and the whole body is fractured▽▽, and the ICU has rescued 8 days of living, and the fetus in the abdomen can not be saved. In March 2020=◆☆•, Yu Dongyi was sentenced to no senten.

Xinhua News Agency●◁▲=, the United Nations•◇, Chinas resident representative Zhang Jun, the representative of the United Nations■☆▼, presided over the President of the Council★□○•, presided over the Palestinian issue of the Palestinian issue of the Council, presided over the President of the Council. When speaking as a representative of China•=…○, Zhang Jun said that the Council should take strong action to reiterate the firm support of the “two countries”, calling on the international community to practice real multilateralism, and play a role in the solution to Palestine issues. Zhang Jun said that the international community must increase actions to ensure that the relevant parties have effectively abide by the ceasefire and recover the full calm as soon as possible. China urges all parties to keep restraints to avoid taking initiatives that may lead to an upgrade. Zhang Jun pointed out that the humanitarian crisis faced by Palestine is concerned abo!

Ji Bingxuan resume Ji Bingxuan, male, Han nationality◆…, born in November 1951▪★▽▷, Henan Mengjin, in October 1978, participated in the work in April 1980, Join the Communist Party of China◇△=, graduated from the Chinese Department of Zhengzhou University▼□▷☆, University General class education◆=. He is currently a member of the 19th National Central Committee○◁◁□, and the vice chairman of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. From 1975 to 1978, Zhengzhou University Chinese Department of Chinese Learning 1978-1982 Hengjin County, Henan Province, Pingle High School Teachers, County Committee Office Officer 1982-1984, Henan Province, Chaoyang Township Party Secretary, Zhangjiang Township Party Committee, 1984-1985, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary, County Committee, Henan Province, County In 1985-1987, the Secretary of Henan Province, Henan Province•★△, 1987-201, China, Association, Associate Secretary◁▷, Henan Provincial Committee★▷●, 198?

Original title: Environmental supervision is weak, 15 party and government leaders in Anhui were accountable that the environmental protection department of Wuhu City●▲◆, Anhui Province took the initiative□…◁△, announced that 15 party and government leaders who were unexpected due to environmental issues○▽-, involving 4 of the city District 1 county■■, the specific situation is as follows. If the 500-ton solid waste will vain on April 18th, the criminal clues provided by Huou provided by the “1.29◁▷□▪” Solid Waste Pollution Environmental Case Crime●■, and found a solid waste of about 500 tons, the on-site smell is pungent. The existing solid waste dump point is still unable to find that the exposure of the local government regional environment “grid■○◆” supervision, solid waste inspection◆■, troublesome work, implementation of the provincial ▲▽”four-game sign” system is not strict problem. Dedicin on the secretary of the Mud Town Party Committee, and the ascendants, respectivel gelaton gelatin sheet for bakery beef gelatin vs collagen peptides protein reactor industrial foregoing!

Original title: ▪◆”Textbook Lao Lai□▼◆■” daughter asked the Real Estate Court to ruling Source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Dong) Tangshan ▽▲○”Teacher Book Lai Lai◁◇●” has new progress. Previously, the perpetrators Huang Shufen daughter Liu Mingyue★■▼, filed an objection to the objection, requiring universities. Recently, because Liu Mingyue did not accept the pre-deputy account acceptance fee in the regulations, the court ruled to withdraw processing according to Liu Mingyue□•. On the evening of January 13, 2018, Zhao Yong, the victim of the “textbook”, and announced the notice of the civil prosecution acceptance of the court. The notice showed that the court accepted “Liu Ming Yues v. You and the third person to perform an obstacle case★▷•◆.□=★=” Zhao Yong told the Legal Evening News · View Journalists●=, the content of the complaint shows that the property of the Liu Mingyue is funded by Li◆▼.