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About Us,[native path collagen peptides]The State Council is appointed from state staff. Appointed Liao Wei as deputy director of the Ministry of Finance☆-◆-; appointed Hu Jinglin as the Secretary for Medical Security, Shihai☆•, Chen Jinfu, Li Wei (female) as deputy director of the National Medical Protection Bureau. Leading the deputy director of the Ministry of Finance of Zhu Guangyao☆◁…; deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee of Huang Danhua (female); is eliminated by Zhang Jies vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhu Yangs China Securities Regulatory Commission Deputy Chairman. Source: Zhu Guangyao▲◆□▷, the Ministry of Man▲◆: 1988 to 1992, the Secretary of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance Science (Deputy Director), 1992-1993, was appointed as the Ministry of Finance■▪■=, the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance■=▽▲, 1993 From the 1994, the Director of the Ministry of Finance★▼▷★, the Ministry of Financ☆△•.

Original title: The opportunity is coming! Won the “small town youth□●■◇” to get the world? In the market, this market is going to break★▼▪ peptides bovine collagen! In the past year, the real estate continued regulation and the sharp rise in raw material prices have caused the overall home appliance industry to continue to be relatively low. But under the overall situation of the home appliance market last year, the kitchen and electricity sector still lives “good days.” Home appliance listed companys performance differentiation is a major winner WIND information, and this year△••=, the household appliance plate has fallen by 1•◁.56% this year, and the household appliance sector is placed■□□. Lin Yuyu, chief analyst of CITIC Jiandou Securities▪■▼★, said that this time the entire home appliance sector is relatively weak, it is the entire TMT (Technology◁★△, Media•★○, Communication). Including small and small creation△○▽, who.

Original title: Han Fang Member=▪: Constitutional Oath System is the National Political Civilization Reflected Han Fang 3rd at the opening ceremony of the 13th National Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference: Li Meng International Online Report (Reporter Li Meng): 13th National Peoples Congress Today (4th) held a press conference in the morning••…□. Zhang Yucai▷○, a spokesman, said that since the Constitutions oath system, the first time will hold a constitutional oath ceremony at the National Peoples Congress. This will better reflect the dignity of the Constitution, highlight the authority of the Constitution, and promote the spirit of the Constitution▽▪▷•. “Zhang Yifeng said, 3 On the morning of the month, on the morning of the morning△☆•, the General Assembly will hold the fifth▲•, sixth, seventh plenary meetings, elections and decisions to appoint national institutions▲●. After these meetings, the constitutional oath ceremony will be held separately. I just revised recentl▽•▪▲!

Original title: National Committee, Academician•-▪, Chinese Academy of CPPCC•▷, Li Yanrong▷▷▲◇, president of the Sichuan University: …▷★”Double first-class” University should set up a western talent fund cover news reporter Li Yu Beijing Photography reported on March 5th-◇▽□, the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing▲◁○◇. Prime Minister Li Keqiang pointed out in the governments work report, □☆”optimize the structure of higher education◆□●, speeding up” double first △☆”construction, support the construction of the central and western parties, high-level universities▼□.” The core of building the “Double and One Class” is in talents■…□. What kind of school is called “double first class” university? As a Sichuan University that enters the list of “World First-class University Construction”, what kind of way is to achieve first-class? “Construction Double First Class University, as well as special, high-level universities, need to have first-class teachers▽●…○, for the western universiti.

Original title: The latest elasten collagen! Chairman of the New National CPPCC: Wang Yang Vice Chairman: Zhang Qingli: Secretary-General and Secretary-General of the 12th National Committee of China, Liu Qiwei, Party Secretary Liu Qi▽●: Member of the 18th Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Secretary Papara Glerangjie (Tibetan): Dong Jiahua, Vice Chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference: Wan Ing, Vice-Chairman of the 12th National Committee of China (Zhi Guanjie): Vice Chairman of the 12th National Committee of China■★○☆, Chairman, Chairman☆■△, Minister of Science and Technology He Houyi, the chairman of the China Association: Lu Zhangong, Vice President of the 12th National Committee▪…: Wang Zhengwei△-, Vice President of the 12th National CPPCC (Hui): Ma Rong (Zhuang), Vice Chairman (Zhuang)★•■◁: Vice Chairman Chen Xiaoguang=▲■▽, Vice Chairman of the 12th National Committee of China●●▼=: Chen Xiaoguang △☆▽■: Vice Chairman of the 12th National Committee of Chi organic pectin■★= powder from gelatin!