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[beauty collagen drink]China New Network May 27, according to Peru “Public News” report, local time 26, the Peru government announced that it will invest 1230 million Sol to revive the economy•◆▽, create employment and improve health care. Economic and Finance Minister Waldo Mendo Saha said that the reason for adopting new measures is that there is currently unemployment and poverty to increase. According to reports, the Peru government will invest 218 million Sol for temporary intervention plan “Juntos”, providing basic food assistance to poor families, providing continuous scholarships for students affected by the epidemic▽△, providing basic health care for infants under 24 months Services, as well as 200 Sols vaccination and “补 铁” subsidy•◆○★. In terms of revitalization, Pe.

Original title▽•…▷: Vice President of the National Law Associety Lu Hongbing Committee: Many young lawyers do not want to engage in criminal defending members of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Lu Hongbing, Vice President of the National Law Association▲◆-. The peoples network information is not ignored. Criminal defense professional fields●□▽. “Lu Hongbing, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference△▷•, Vice President of the National Law Association, is presented to the Committee of the CPPCC○●. He also found a embarrassment of criminal defending: On the one hand, the lawyers lawyers lawyers lawyers lawyers rights involved in the rights of criminal proceedings account for most, and the investigation of lawyers practicing is difficult……, there is difficult to mee!

Original title: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area will be the first batch of tourists after tomorrow◇▲•■, the official answer=●•☆, “Saving and live travel” March 8, because the earthquake closed 7 months of Jiuzhaigou scenic spots will once again usher in her guest. A week ago, the Office of the Leading Group Office of the Apa Prefecture Tourism Industry Development in Sichuan Province was announced that Jiuzhaigou Duo Guo Jiran Waterfall to the Sea▼•, Zhavous Temple and the mirror Sea of ​​the Tagan will be open to tourists-◇-◁. Among them, the landscape of the sea, the colorful pool, the mirror sea△★■, the Nortimen Waterfall☆▽=▼, the tree is the sea, Shuanglonghai Waterfall○☆★, Zha Temple is in principle for walking tour area. On March 7, the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Park. This article is the picture of the journalist Jiang Tsunami. As of 5, on March 7, the real-time ticket purchase information of Aba Tourism Network showed that Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area has sold 632 tickets, 9 days sold 5■▽•?

Original title: Peking University New Campus started advantage of capsule china pure gelatin! The address is not general▪●●■. Guide: Recently□▷, Peking University British campus started! In recent years•★, some Chinese colleges have come from the national governance and become a new business card for Chinas higher education◇…□•. Beijing University British Campus Relatability According to @ China Daily, Peking University 120th Anniversary Celebration Overseas Celebration and Beijing University British Campus launching ceremony was held in Oxford. The international scholars of the Chinese and British Government, the Nobel Prize winners, and the famous people from all walks of life and the Northern University of Peking are gathered together to witness the startup ceremony of the British campus of the Peking University HSBC Business School and unveiled the Northern University of Celebration▲▲○◁. Liu Xiaoming▷•◇•, Chinese Ambassador, Liu Xiaoming◆○◁•, Peking University, Lin Jianhua…▷, Pharao=▷○★, Mayor Bailewei, etc▪□☆◆., said and speaking. In the launch ceremony, the British Campus “Nort?Pectin manufacturer ae proteina industries inc email address baking gelatin sheets,