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[porcine collagen peptide]Original title: Single Title: Rights rights cannot be separated from rational and legal orbit Shenzhen Qi Shis ordinary worker rights, but in three months▼■, it is constantly fermented through the Internet▪△★, and upgrades to become the hot events of public opinion at home and abroad. This is a bit unexpected□▪, but it reflects the complex situation faced by the Internet era to solve workers rights protection issues○□. Recalling the Queoshi event-▷, the following threads are worth paying attention☆-△●: First, it is a general rights event, but gradually complicates, and the social power is involved, and the people involved in the society are far away. Far exceeds the privileges of the Canasses. Qi Shi Company did not appear “all strikes•○”△◇☆◁, and the number of participants was always limited, but the strength of the exogenous strength was more and more. Second, the scope of rights protection is not limited to the plant ar.

Original title: Two Air Forces will be 91 years old Source: Legal Evening News View News (Reporter Zhao Sanjun Wang Ruiwen) On March 3▲•☆=, 2018, the Chinese Air Force fell to the same day, they were the original air force The commander Linji will, the original Beijing Military Region Deputy commander and the Air Force of the Air Force will be born in the same year◇▷▼, and they will be trained in the first generation of the Republic, together to fight○□••, and the rankings of the same Dreaming on the same day★☆-□, the year is 91 years old◆○△•. Before going to the world, I was hospitalized in the same hospital•●▲. Lin Huang has passed the National Peoples Congress, and the first public committee members have been awarded the “Chinese Peoples Liberation Armys Independent Monument Honor Medal,●○” all for the development of Chinas air military industry, pouring their bomework★▽, becoming a new Chinese Air For▪◇!

Original title▼•■▪: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference: It is recommended to popularize the intelligent maternal and child health services for public places, and the Beijing Municipal Safety Planning Commission Party Secretary Liangying accepts reporters◁○. Beijing News reporter Tao Yuxi Xue Xin Beijing News (Reporter Wu Xi) On March 7th=▼, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was participated in the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Council-◇, and the Party Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Safety Planning Commission introduced him to this years proposal□○. ” About the popularity of intelligent maternal and child health services in public places. ” Fang Liangying recommended, establish a government guidance, industry leadership, social power, multi-participation, multi-participation●▼△▽, multi-participation△=▲▽, is a multi-participated in the Internet + intelligent maternal and child health public service platform model. The Government Work Report is talked about improving the work of improving the peoples livelihood in 2018, proposing =◆◁”Improvement Maternal and Child Health Service”. Many years engaged in health wo-■▪□. halal capsules fish collagen peptides powder organicPectin manufacturer enteric-coated hollow capsules liquid gelatin,