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[projections protein bar industry]Resolutely eradicate the soil (Golden Taituan) of the evil forces, the Office of the CPC Central Committee, the General Office of the State Council, issued the •☆-■”Opinions on Normalization to the Fighting of the Fighting of the Fight★•★”, and launched the normalization and evil The struggle made arrangements☆▽▲. Not long ago, the national anti-evil special struggle summary commendation meeting was held in Beijing, and the special struggle for sweeping black and evil was successfully closed▲■▽. In the past three years, the special struggle of sweeping black and evil has completely hit the arrogant flame, political ecology and social ecology continue to optimize=▷, greatly enhance the peoples sense=★▽, happiness, safety■◇. Special struggle is a new beginning of the normalization struggle. At present●-, the black and evil forces illegally criminal organism for?

Original title: Using the network language should be hiented to the Internet to make todays language use ecology to exhibit never had a diversity. Looking around…◁◆, the learner Zhang Kong “Blue Thyr Mountain◇▪◆”, closed ◆△”Chen Chen did not do”, this is the 娇 嬛, there is a baby who cant afford to hurt. The idiom is reinterpretable, poetry is connected with the poet○●★•: Du Fu is very busy★▪◇, Li Bai sleeps incense, Qu Yuan 躺 躺 .▷–▷.. If you say only hurting, elegant, like “doctor●=-◇” into a “healthy”, use “soil fat round” Decomposing the ▪▽”new word new language-▼” outside the image of others◆◁★■, is another matter. More network new words, new words or connotation, vulgar or with 戾•○□▪, some network new cultivats or diseaseless or bluff▪○△, all from the network into their daily lives◇■▼. Among them▼▪▼○, the network vulgar words should be desensitized, often borrowed with the sound or Near tone■•.

Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi) Today (March 17), Beijing area of ​​generic rain, snow or small snow, ended a record of no effect in 14 consecutive days. The Beijing Meteorological Bureau said this afternoon, snowfall in March is not abnormal. In addition, there is no spring in the sense of meteorological sense☆□▷☆, which is not spring snow. Is it normal in March? Beijing Meteorological Bureau introduced that historical information, this is not the latest Tung Snow Day. According to the latest snow day monitoring, the latest in the history of Beijing is the late Snow day, the late Snow Day is on April 21, 1958★▲. There are many years in history in history, there is still in April▷◁. In recent years◆☆■=, in 2016□▼, the snow day is March 24th●★, so snowfall belongs to normal weather in March•▲. Is this a spring snow? Beijing Meteorological Bureau said that the first weather is ★▪□▪.

Original title: The Ministry of Environment is reported to strengthen the order of supervision and discipline: One official accepts 10,000 yuan of cash by the double opening of the news reporter Cruid=■□□, on May 4, the Ecological Environment Department informed the disciplinary cases of environmental supervision: Hebei Xinji An official of the Environmental Protection Bureau received 10…▷●,000 yuan in cash in crossing the supervision of Zhengzhou, Henan, and was double-opened after being reported▷◆. Cover Journalists learned that this is the first in violation of integrity discipline cases in strengthening the inspection of the inspection■○. From April 7▲=•, 2017 to March 31, 2018, the Environment Department (Original Environmental Protection Department) organized the inspection and control of atmospheric pollution prevention and control in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, from the national exhaustoral personnel in Beijing=◁▲, Tianjin and the surrounding area ▼■”2 +26 “City to carry out cross-colored supervision◆▼. January 12 to 25, 2018☆▽•, X.

Original title: (Military) Sun Chunlans listing ceremony and set up a meeting of the decommissioning military affairs▲▽, emphasized the reform and innovation and fulfilled the duties to create a new military work. New Situation Xinhua News Agency□•△, Beijing=○•●, April 16 (Reporter Mei Shixiong) Communist Party Committee Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan attended the Department of Detarant Military Affairs, the deputy premier of the State Council and the establishment of the General Assembly and speaking. She emphasized that in order to guide the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, improve the political station, enhance the “four awareness”◁□☆●, and resolutely implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, accelerate the reform and functional integration of institutions, and establish and improve the centralized unity○□, responsibilities Clear retired military management guarantee system★☆▷, and create a new situation in the new era of retired military work. Sun Chunlan pointed out that the Department of Retired Military Affairs is the core based on Comrade Xi Jinpin?Pure collagen.