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About Us uses of proteins in food industry type 2 collagen,[bronson vitamins type ii chicken collagen]Zhongxin Net Shenyang May 28 (Han Hong) “Long City Spring and Autumn – San Yan Culture Archaeological Action Exhibition” is on the Liaoning Provincial Museum, this is the first time in China, the theme of “San Yan Culture” Archaeological results exhibition◁▼. San Yan culture is a retro culture that has a variety of cultural factors that have a variety of cultural factors in the integration of other nations in the surrounding areas, especially the cultural factors of the Sino-Central Plains. In the history of Chinas history•▼★, the Murong Xianbei played an important role in the northern historical stage of China, and the national cultural culture of the Chinese nation has played an important role in the Chinese northern historical stage. Connotatio.

Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a big misty yellow warning on 17th★△, expects to be in the morning of the 18th, in the morning of the 18th◁▷, most of the city is fog, the visibility is less than 1 km, some areas are less than 500 meters, please pay attention to prevention. Editor in charge: Zhang Yili△▲◆-?

Original title: Nearly half of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee, the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, there is another personnel adjustment. Recently, Guizhou Provinces only key news portal “Colorful Guizhou Net” shows that Wang Xiaoguang resume withdrawn from the list of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee•◇, showing that it is no longer serving as the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee□★▲. According to public information, Wang Xiaoguang was born in October 1961, Shandong Juye, in-service graduate degree, masters degree-□. Previously work has been in Guizhou Province. He studied at the Guiyang Normal College Sports Department in Guiyang Normal University▼○▪▲. After graduation, he wanted for a long time in Guizhou. He has served as Secretary of the Wuzhuang District Committee of Guiyang City. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee◇△■▷, Mayor, Secretary of the Liuyi Shui Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Zunyi Municipal Party Committee•◇○▪. In April 2014, Wang Xiaoguang became expensiv.

Original title: Subsidy to the private school, close to the education coupon system to buy a degree in the private school☆•☆, and the big probability will improve the scale of the educational expenditure, make up for the gap between the national and public average education funds…○◇○, which in turn promotes the equalization of education. ▲ Source: Xinhua News Agency Nie Jiming Recently▼-●□, Shenzhen□●△◁, in part, the deputy of the deputy of the private primary and secondary schools, and the non-depth family holding a residential certificate will begin to apply for the 2018 degree subsidy. As early as 2012, Shenzhen began a student who met the customers compliance education to study the private school to give degree subsidies. In 2017, the subsidies will be increased to primary schools per year to 7,000 yuan per year, and each child is up to 9,000 yuan per year○▼◆▷. Compulsory education is the basic public service of the city□▼, providing compulsory education requires cost•●◆…. ear.

Original title★■: Ministry of Land Ministry, Ministry of Finance…■◁…, issued: Land remediation of major projects implement award combination, first-built awards Land and Resources Department, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, decided to adjust the main project support policy for land remediation from 2018, promote major Engineering construction is better able to play a demonstration leading role. The notice is clear, focusing on major engineering construction key areas▷◇◇, in the poor area◁○●★, revolutionary old district, food row of food•★, frontier, ethnic and cultivated land reserve resources=▼, continue to support local in-depth promotion of major project construction. In the depletion of the regeneration, it mainly supports the implementation of major projects in the poor area, the revolutionary old district and the frontier area. According to the notice▼▲-, implement the reform of land and resources “put in service” reform and land remediation fund management reform requirements•△-○, and adjust the major engineering support from “first supplementation◆■, and then built side to make up★◁” adjustme.