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[protein drink industry statistics]Original title-□▪: British media: Chinas steel industry is not afraid of US tariff potential chain effect more worthy of concerns report Message Network On March 21, the British media said that the US steel export share is less and the development of the new market, so China is relatively Direct Impact of American Trade Action◇▽•★. The potential chain effect brought by trade barriers is more concerned■▲△=. According to the British “Financial Times” website, on March 20□•○-, when the US President Donald Trump claimed that the aluminum and steel of the world will not seem to be too intentional▪◁. According to the report, even before the United States officially announced the news◁=▲, Chinas steel manufacturers said they did not worry about tariffs. Over the years, China has been in terms of rare exports in the United States and the opening of the new market, so that China is relatively unfolded by US trade actio!

Original title: Minister of Science and Technology◆★○, the Minister of Science and Technology□▽, in the end, in response to Masks complaints, Journalists Chen Yuzhen comprehensive report recently■-☆•, US entrepreneur Mask publicly said to US President Trump◆-★○, I hope that the US president can focus on China and the United States Trade imbalances caused by electric vehicles and related areas. On the morning of March 10th, at the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Minister of Science and Technology Wan Steel responded to this, I met Mask for a long time, and there was no obstacle between China and the United States. On March 7, US President Trump released Tete, China has been required to develop a plan to reduce trade deficits between annual and the United States, Trump also said□■, “We are very good to China•★▲○. We also look forward to seeing their ideas.◁●.

Original title: Another big action○▪! China R & D ▽◇☆▲”Super High Speed ​​Rail”●○▪, theoretical speed can reach 1000 kilometers is porcine gelatin pork collagen peptides without bovine gelatin manufacturing what is hydrated gelatin! The “super ring high-speed rail” advocated by technology madman has been recognized in the United States▷◆■★. It is conducting a feasibility plan▲…●. The ultra-ring high-speed rail uses low vacuum pipelines and magnetic suspension techniques, and the speed will approach the aircrafts 1000 km speed▼▷=. This high-speed rail can not only build a surface○•□, but also excavation of underground tunnels-▷■. In China, this experiment is also in progress. “Economic Half-hour•☆” reporter in a laboratory in Chengdu, I saw Chinese scientists working hard. China publishes high-temperature superconductive suspension technology Chengdu Southwest Jiaotong University, the worlds first vacuum pipeline super high-speed maglev train ring experiment line platform is the first manned high temperature superconducting magnetic suspension ring experiment line. Total li.

Original title: Zhang Shuolu●=◁, director of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Municipal Supervision Committee▲▲△○, Director of the Municipal Supervision Committee – Reform=△-▪, is not a simple functional stacking supervision committee, on behalf of the monitoring organs to accept peoples supervision▲•, democratic supervision and social supervision; another Aspects are represented by the party and national supervisors, through the exercise of the representative of the people, better publicize the partys anti-corruption, and transform it into the national will•◆=, reflecting the partys comprehensive leadership. At the same time▲☆▼■, as a representative of the peoples congress, exercising the national monitoring function is responsible, participating in the peoples congress, strengthens the supervision function of the National Power Organization, and broaden the way the peoples supervision power is▽▲★-. Carrying the expectations of the people, the Director of the Supervision and Commission came to the country◁○●. Let us listen to the vividness of them as reform?Pure collagen.