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[gelatin capsule automatic]China New Network May 28th, the Japanese Pleasant Association (NHK) reported that at 23:55 local time…◆, a hit ship accident near the Haiba Island Strait in Japan, a Japanese cargo ship touched▽▷, there is a ship 3 people are unknown. At 23:55 on May 27th, there was a hit ship accident near the Sea Haihai Strait in Japan◆◆. A Japanese cargo ship “Baihu◇•-•” has collided with the Marshall Islands. Overturn. The picture shows the ☆★■”Ulsan Pioneer” after the accident. Image Source: Japan Pleasant Association (NHK) Video Trimatus reported that Japanese cargo ship “White Tiger” (11,000 tons of drainage) and Marshall Islan?

Original title: Do you dare to accept bribes◁△△▼? Look at these ■▲”allies” … Legal Evening News (Reporter Wang Qi Edited Pang Wei) Recently, the official website of ECPAP discloses the first case of Handan City in Anhui Province to adopt an indwelling measures for bribers. Through the investigation of Anhui Youjun Commodity Concrete Co☆••., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ◇★▷”You Jun Company”•○▲, Liu Lianzhen, 1 person, 33 bribes◆●. The reporter found that in recent years, from the merchant to official, more and more bribers are active or passively become a reporter of corruption, abuse of power…=◆, etc◇•○★. At the same time▪★□, bribers are also paying more and more expensive for their illegal acts●◆▲▽. From 1 Bodess, 33 bribes took out the bribes According to the official website of the Central Commission○▪=▷, from February to April this year●-■, Handan City, Anhui Provin.

Original title▷☆◁: Xia Baolong was elected for the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference■○…●, held the fourth plenary meeting in the Peoples Game Hall on the 14th, and Elect the Chairman of the 13th National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference. ○-, Vice-Chair, Secretary-General and Standing Committee. Zhang Qingli, an Executive President of the General Assembly=▼▪▷, announced that Comrade Xia Baolong was elected the Secretary-General of the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference. Editor in charge: Liu Guang.

The State Council is appointed from state staff. Chen Xi and the dean of the National Institute; appointed He Yiiting as the vice president (positive part of the National Administration)☆▪△, Wang Dongjing, Ji Ming▪•▲▲, Li Ji, deputy dean, Chen Li▷…, Huang Dynasty, Xie Chun Tao Member of the National Institute of Category; appointed Yang Chunguang as deputy director of the State Post Bureau; appointed Li Peide as deputy director of China Geological Survey. Wang Yongqing no longer serves as the position of deputy secretary-general of the State Council; avoiding the position of the Director of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration of Kingdom. Comrade Chen Xi, male◁•, Han nationality□★, September 1953, Fujian Putian, in December 1970, participated in the work■•▼, joined the Chinese Communist Party, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University☆◁, graduate, postgradua.