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About Us.[hyperthermophile fussion proteins industry]Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27th (Ma Dongmei Zhang Lang) Chengdu Customs 27th News▪★■◇: A few days ago☆▪△, a cargo charter loaded by 1123 Zengzus original pigs passed 9 hours of aerial flight-◆-, and it was smooth by Denmark Chengdu◇□-. After the plane docked at the designated unit and was disinfected, Chengdu Customs Association worked in the relevant departments, the strict live inspection, clinical examination, and sanitation treatment of seed pigs were carried out under the cooperation of the relevant departments. Subsequently, the batch of pigs were transported by the designated route to Mianyang Mingxing Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. in the early morning of May 26, starting a 45-day isolation and quarantine▲△. 1123 Danwai breed pigs with a charter. Chengdu Customs Diagr?

Original title▪◆: Three vessels carry more than 100 vessels in Phuket in Phuket△■•○, Thailand△☆◆○, have Chinese tourists on July 5, Thailand★■, at 17:45, in Phuket, due to storms□-, there is a turning accident▽•★▼. There are three ships that have three ships, a passenger (including practicing diving), a passenger 30 people▷●△○, a Russian husband and wife. The first 48 people saved, 42 people saved the second batch-◇△•. The reporter also learned from the Consulate General in Songka that…•, on the afternoon of July 5, I got through the Thai police, and the two ships carrying Chinese tourists have turned their ships in Phuket Coral Island and Meitong Island. There are two ships. 133 tourists◆◆, Titai is fully searching for. After receiving the news, I immediately launched the emergency mechanism, mobilize the whole hall, emergency contact Thai local government, the alarm and the nav.

Before Taiwan, the leader Ma Ying-jijiyuan○•●: Oriental IC Overseas Network On August 21st, Salvador and Taiwan ☆△”Broken”, the number of ▲●◁□”Friends” has dropped to 17. I sigh●•○☆, I dont recognize that “Jiu Second Consensus==” will cause two sides of the company, and Cai Yingwen does not think so△■▲■. He shouted to Cai Yingwen: “Please return to Nine-two consensus, will find a lot of things.•■○◆” According to Taiwans ▪■”Mid Electronic News”☆◇, today, before the Taiwan region, Ma Ying-jiu, in the event of Harvard camp at the University of Taipei▽•◇, talked about Tai Sa, “broken”, deeply sighing. He has reminded Cai English, and does not accept the ▽…”Nine-two consensus” may have a negative impact. He believes that the Cai Authority denies the “Nine-two consensus▪▪” and uses ambiguous policy▷▷▲•, which is very unfortunate. Ma Ying-jeou said th.

[Li Jianguo made a description of the draft monitoring law], by the Standing Committee of the 12th National Peoples Congress△▷◆, Li Jianguo, deputy chairman of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, to the 13th National Peoples Congress◆△○…, for the draft rule of the Chinese Peoples Republic of China◆▪=. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh.