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[what protein is industry relevant]Recently•●▷△, in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, how to implement the 19th National Spirit of the Party, better play a special role▽★□★, serve the total goal of Xinjiang, and the reporter interviewed the Party Secretary of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps★■◁☆, and Sun Jinlong. Reporter-◆•▪: How to promote learning and publicize the partys 19th National Spirit, walk in the dark, go in the heart? Sun Jinlong: We deeply study the General Secretary of the Club▪•, Xi Jinping▪▪…, ◇△”The era is the retreat person. We are an important discussion of the answers.” Unwilling to maintain the banner and maintain the core. First, try to make a clear way▽•. We pass the central group=◁▽▲, the party committee pleading▲▼●, layers preaching◇■◆, leading cadres turning, publicity and interpretation○-△, etc.●◇▷, education guide the cadres and masses to learn to lea•●▲=!

According to the supervision and commission of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection: Zhang Jintong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Geological Mineral Exploration and Development of Henan Province, is suspected of serious violations•▷▪▼, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission-■○. Zhang Jinxong, Zhang Jintong, male, Han nationality, born in November 1956, Henan Province■△, in-service graduate degree☆•, July 1977, July▷•=▲. Work in July 1982. July 1982, November 1983, the Old Township=■…, Henan Province, Old Township Towns◆◆☆, Vice Vice Township□◆; November 1985 – In May 1985○▼, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Malang Township Township Township▲-, Taikang County★▽□, Henan Province; 1985 5 Month – February 1986, Deputy Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Taikang County Committee, County Commission for Discipline Inspection; February 1986 – September 1986, Henan Provincial Party Par.

Original title■-: Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council: Avoiding the distribution of unfair poverty alleviation resources★☆△★, Director Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council•◇, is accepted at the “Ministerial Channel”. (Peoples Network reporter Wengqi Yu) Peoples Network Beijing March 13th (Reporter Li Wei) ★■▼=”How to make a big poverty alleviation resource, play a greater role, is the problem that povertodiceship development needs to pay attention to.” A total of 3 National Peoples Congress On the meeting, the Director of the Peoples Great Hall of the Conference, Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council-…▲◁, said in an interview that poverty alleviation and development resources should be coordinated◇▪▽◆, comprehensive balance, and minimize the gap, preventing helping unfair phenomena◁-. Liu Yongfu said that the poor counties, poor people have been standardized◆▷□•, and the poverty group is given more help in accordance with the procedural procedure gelatin capsules halal animal glue manufacturing process▷▼◆ protein industry meat!

Hong Kong Economic Guide reporter-■★: What do you think of the concern for enterprises -•★○”National Tourism△★▼▷”△★▽? Xiao Yaqing: This speech itself is not very correct•▷◇◇. I dont have this worry. From the perspective of reform and opening up, all kinds of ownership enterprises in private enterprises have been greatly developed▲•◇●. From the total amount and structure○-□◇, private enterprises account for more and more. It is our foundation. Xiao Yaqing: two aspects are not contradictions, but mutual promotion and continuously develop markets. The market is endless■◇▪-, in the competition, the new product service, in mutual promotion●▽•-, will produce new sparks and philosophy. Not only does not worry about competition, this competition will have new opportunities. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor◇▽…△: Huo =▲.

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Chen Qingjie) China International Data Industry Expo held in Guiyang on May 26th to 28th. According to the news from China Electronic Technology Group Co., Ltd□●=. (China Electric), China Electric Works with the theme of “Activating Data Elements, Helping Digital China Construction”, focusing on Neticon System and Network Security Digital Solutions, show The “Digital Government▽□△●” “Digital Society★▽▲” ▷◇=”Digital Economy” and ▪…•”Safety Governance” and other field capabilities and effectiveness. “Cloud + Number + Applied + Ecology” to create a digital government in the face of digital era▪●◆, China Electricity Based on the integration of technology and business, proposes the integration of “cloud + number + application + ecolog□▽◆◆.Pectin manufacturer grlatin!