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Pure collagen![peptone for medicine]Original title◆…★: Xu Shaochuan Ren Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee member▲☆○, Standing Committee Guangxi Daily○◁, March 27, the central government approved, Xu Shaochuan Ren Hui, member of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Standing Committee. Source: Guangxi Daily Client According to the official website of the State Administration of Safety, Xu Shaochuan, male◇-, Manchu, Hebei Fengrun, born in July 1963, June 1984, Joined the Communist Party of China, participated in September 1982■•◇. Graduated from the School of Management Science and Engineering, University of Petroleum University, and graduate degree…•▼. September 1979 to September 1982▽•, Tangshan Agricultural School studying; from September 1982, in October 1983, he served as Secretary, Agricultural Technician, Yangguanlin Township, Fengrun County, Hebei Province■▽…; .

Original title●▪■▼: Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue early warning Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue warning, expect 8 pm to tomorrow evening, affected by wind weather, central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, Northern Liaoning, Western Jilin, Southern Heilongjiang West, Some areas of Xinjiang Southjiang Basin have sands or floating weather, including central and southeastern inner Mongolia☆…, northwestern Liaoning, western Jilin, etc△•.□▷■▪, and people who remind people in the relevant regions pay attention to windproof sand. (CCTV reporter Renmei) Responsible Editor: Guoqia▲▼ collagen mask facial gelatin 220 bloom!

The picture is from the South + client title: Liang Weidong is elected Director of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Congress■★□▪, and Xiao Yafei is selected from the afternoon of the May 30th, and the fourth meeting of the 16th Peoples Congress of Dongguan has successfully completed various items△•▼. The agenda is closing in the city meeting building▪◇. After the election…-■△, Liang Weidong is elected as director of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Congress, and Xiao Yafei is elected as the mayor of the municipal peoples government. Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Secretary■◇, Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee, Liang Weidong●◇, a newly elected Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government Mayor Xiao Yafei to the elected certificate△◇■▷. At 2△▲▽:45 pm◇▷, the General Assembly held the third meeting of the Bureau▽●, determined the director of the 16th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, the list of official candidates of the Mayor of Dongguan City◁○, and decided to decide the counting personnel through the list of ticket staff. At 3■◆:30 pm, the citys sixte. gelatine leaf plasma protein industry summit