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[protein engineering applications in science medicine and industry]Original title◇▷☆: Gansu informed central environmental protection inspections: Vice Governors were seriously warned from November 30●◆☆▷, 2016 to December 30, and the Central Seventh Environmental Protection Inspector team conducted environmental protection inspections in our province☆★●. On April 13, 2017, the Central Environmental Protection Insugation team fed back to our inspections and handed over the 11 ecological environmental damage to the inspector to Gansu Province, requiring investigation and treatment according to law■○△. The Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to this▽▲▼, and the return of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the rectification and accountability of the introduction of the feedback, and the establishment of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the governor of the Gansu Provincial Ecology Construction and environmental protection coordination promotion leadership groups▽…▲•, clearly put forward the problem of rectification, no place, responsibility is not in place. pre◇△.

Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 27th (Reporter Zhong Rong) Chongqing Marriage Registration “Inter-provincial Customs” “The City Clear” pilot press conference was held on the 27th. The reporter learned from the meeting that according to the State Council “Notice on the■◁” Proliferation of the Pilot Work △▼■”and the Civil Affairs Department of the Civil Affairs Department on the▷•▪” Proliferation of the Pilot Work “and the Civil Affairs Department◆△” Chongqing has been included in the mainland resident marriage registration and divorce registration ★☆▪”cross-provision” pilot will be officially implemented on June 1. The pilot has implemented the mainland residents (departing) and ○●”crossing) and” cross-provincial ▪…”and•◆” cross-provincial “and▲◆=” Ziyu “and▲▪…▼” Chongqing High-tech Zone and Wansheng City, Chongqing High-tech Zone and Wansheng City ◁•▼!

Original title: Central Party School (National Institute) Leading Ban List and Resume Economic Daily – China Economic Net Beijing March 31 Comprehensive report recently, the “Study Times” hosted by the Central Party School disclosed newly established central party schools (National Administration College ) Leadership team. President of the Central Party School (National Administrative College)■▲▼, the vice president of the daily work (Vice President) He Yiiting, Vice President (Vice President) Wang Dongjing, Ji Moven●★, Li Ji, School (Hospital) Committee, Chen Li (Deputy Minister)▲▽▪, Huang Dynasty (Deputy Minister)■•●, Xie Chun Tao■▷. Previously◁■, ★○”Deepening the Party and National Institutional Reform Plan◁○●△” proposed to integrate the responsibilities of the Central Party School and the National Institute of Administration■△☆★, form new central party schools (National Administration), implement two brands of institutions, as the partys direct institutions. He Yiiting resu? gelatin buy ambar protein industries ltd About Us what is bovine halal collagen type ii,