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[advantages of capsules]Original title: Be wary of short video negative effects (vertical and horizontal) “Peoples Daily” (April 10, 2018), recently, ▲=◇”Relevant documents issued documents” “Recently, some network audiovisual program production, broadcast irregular issues It is very highlighted to produce a very bad social impact. ” The △◇□▪”network audiovisual program” mentioned here includes short video that has recently been unusually hot▪■△. Some people say that short video is another type of air in the Internet industry▽☆. Some short video APPs have a very high popularity▷◆▽, and the number of active users reached more than 10 billion. These short video APPs have a ■■●”personalized recommendation◆△•△” function that can push the users interest in compliance with the content of its hobbies•◆, bringing users to the user▪•. Because of this, some people are sigh-…, “shortcomin•◆•.

Original title: Foxconn IPO will issue five questions●•: What is the case of associated transactions March 8•○, the SFC discloses Foxconn Industrial Internet Co.▪•◁, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Foxconn•▼☆•”), Foxconn The first passed. From Foxconn Prosperity▪=▷◆, February 1 will be reported on February 1•◇…■, and it will only use 36 days to create a new speed of IPO! At the same time, the SFC issued a review committee also inquiries about five aspects of Foxconn, involving part-purpose transactions•■…, directors and executives in part-time part-time parties-……, whether there is a major labor dispute. There are two main issues that have been issued in the Review Committee▲□▪▪, and there are two related parties involved. During the reporting period, Foxconn and related parties had procurement and sales of goods…-▲□, accepting and providing services, properties and equipment leasing, logisti=…◆?

China News Agency, on May 26 (super) United Nations Environment Program Executive Director Yingny Annno held the World Environmental Judicial Conference held in Kunming, Yunnan, on the 26th•▷, introduced to the guests of the Council through video connection, Chinas highest In 2014▪△★▷, the peoples court established an environmental resource trial court. The courts at all levels of China also established more than 1,000 environmental resource trial agencies. She said that the United Nations Environment Program will continue to work with the Supreme Peoples Court of China to strengthen the trial work of illegal acts involved in environmental resources. Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread the world. Yerian Anno said that the tragedy caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not the biggest threat facing humanity△■▲•, if n halal gelatin sweets!

China Weather Network News According to the National Early Warning Information Release Center-=▽, Beijing Shijingshan District●☆◆, Mentougou District▷▼○, Haidian District and Fangshan District Meteorological Observatory have released blue and yellow warning signals☆▷. Shi Shan District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning of heavy rain at 11■□:20, the current rainfall of Shijingshan District has reached 30 mm, and it is expected that heavy rainfall will continue in the next three hours, please pay attention to prevention. Tengou District Meteorological Observatory issued a rainstorm blue warning at 11:38…○◇◇, the current Tunlevuan Temple has reached 30 mm, and it is expected that the rainfall will continue, and the shallow mountain area can reach 50mm. Please pay attention to prevention▲◆. Haidian District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue early warning of heavy rain at 12:44, and the current short weather in Haidian District has reached 30 mm. It is expected that Haidian will have a strong end of Haidian in the next three hour food gelatin exporter!Pure collagen gelatin soft capsules halal 25kg food gelatin price,